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Adventure Log - Stop the Poaching - Play Group 3

General Summary

These are the chronicles of Playtest Group 3 as they completed the Stop the Poaching Adventure series. Follow Dhraanng, the half-orc champion, Gambit the goblin alchemist, Kleone the halfling druid, and Tom the halfling bard as they discover who is behind the disappeance of the pixies and sprites in the region around the village of Spirit Lake in the Feywood.

The party has has returned from the Lizard Fens with the testimony document that strongly suggests human activity behind the strange disappearances of lesser Fey creatures near the village of Spirit Lake. Amalthea the Dryad of the Fey Council has tasked the party with traveling to that village to investigate and put a stop to these disappearances. The group decides to travels along the roads of the Feywood between the Bugbear's Head Inn and the village of Spirit Lake. After a tavern brawl in Feybridge Crossing, they journey on to Dryad Falls, where a conversation with Elania Altuliel of the Traveling Troupe provides them with some valuable contacts. After a bit more information gathering, they proceed to Spirit Lake. They spend the last night on the road in a camp with a mysterious traveling merchant.

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After being led to the poachers south of the river by the satyrs, the party defeated them, freed the few sprites they could save, but most importantly, took prisoners and obtained information about the poaching ring. Now they must act on this information and put a stop to these crimes against th Fey once and for all.

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