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What is it like to adventure in the Cartyrion's wondrous Feywood Forest?
Welcome to the Feywood - A One-Shot Adventure
Plot | May 21, 2021

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Summercamp 2021

My Summercamp pledge, all 31 prompts and articles, and a primer on the principle region that I worked on

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Summercamp 2021 Prompts and Articles
Generic article | Aug 1, 2021

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The World of Cartyrion

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Building a Character
12 player ancestries; 84 heritages; 50 professions; 12 classes all customized for the World of Cartyrion.

Adventures in the Feywood
A campaign-style series of adventures for characters of level one through three, set in the Feywood region of the world.
Ages ago, the Creator of Worlds - as he had done countless times before and would do countless times again - reached out his hands into the void. He willed to his fingertips bits of essence from each of the Elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light, and Darkness. He shaped those bits of essence, putting each in its proper place, and when he was done, Cartyrion was born.   The Creator of Worlds then pulled back his hands and, pondering his work proclaimed…   Meh… It’ll do.

This is a work in progress.
The World of Cartyrion is vast, and there is much to do. At present, the gods, the people, the history, and the culture are painted only in the broadest of brush strokes, but the details are being filled in all the time.

There are two immediate projects underway.

The first is a work providing the detailed descriptions of all of the playable races and their sub-cultures, the backgrounds a player character might have had, and the adventuring classes that they will adopt as they journey through the world seeking their fortune.

The second is a series of adventures - a campaign, if you will - that are designed to introduce the players to the unique features of Cartyrion. These adventures are set in a portion of the world that some call the Frontier, but most simply call the Feywood. As these adventures are being designed, the details of the world are being filled in for this particular region.
In addition to the Player Character Creation Guide, there will be a complete Rules Compendium available under Open Gaming License. This rules compendium will be quite familiar to players of the two predominant TTRPG systems around today. It will attempt to streamline some complex rule subsets, fill in a few blanks, and add a number of additional features that are designed for the World of Cartyrion.

It will also feature extensive guidance for Game Masters and Players of all skill levels from neophyte to grognard.

After that, a complete Guide to the Deities and Cosmology of Cartyrion will be completed, as well as a complete World Atlas.
Beyond these immediate goals, there are several other potential projects on the drawing board:
  • A campaign series focusing on the seafaring races of Cartyrion. Adventure on the high seas with entirely new subcultures of existing player races.
  • A series centered in the Kingdoms - lands that consider themselves civilized, but are rife with intrigue, subterfuge, and conflict.
  • A series focusing on exploration of the "lost civilizations" of Cartyrion. The great god-war years ago caused great cities to fall, but civilizations rose and fell earlier as well. What secrets lie buried in their ruins?
And there's plenty of room for more.

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