The World of Cartyrion

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What is it like to adventure in the Cartyrion's wondrous Feywood Forest?
Welcome to the Feywood - A One-Shot Adventure
Plot | May 21, 2021

See instructions at the top of the Adventure to learn how you can find out!
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Summercamp 2021

My Summercamp pledge, all 31 prompts and articles, and a primer on the principle region that I worked on

Find it all here:
Summercamp 2021 Prompts and Articles
Generic article | Aug 1, 2021

Explore the World of Cartyrion with this interactive map:
The World of Cartyrion

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Building a Character
12 player ancestries; 84 heritages; 50 professions; 12 classes all customized for the World of Cartyrion.

Adventures in the Feywood
A campaign-style series of adventures for characters of level one through three, set in the Feywood region of the world.

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