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The Oakwood Forest

The forest that extends from the Ironhill Range in the west to the Eastern Range in the east is called the Oakwood. A vast, unbroken forest spanning over 1200 miles east-to-west and between 125 to 250 miles north-to-south, it is a formidable barrier. Two roads cut through the forest - one connecting the town of Oakwood at the woods' northern edge to the town of Four Rivers; the other linking South Cove on the coast with the town of Meadow's End.

Though most of the forest consists of dark, twisted trees that still show signs of suffering from the Wasting, there are small clans of Forest Elves living within the Oakwood, working to restore the trees to their proper health. In areas where their efforts are evident, hunting game is bountiful, but the evil denizens of the woods make it quite hazardous to spend much time there.
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