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Four Rivers

The city of Four Rivers, near the western foothills south of the Oakwood Forest, is a bustling, growing population center thanks to the bustling trade with the dwarves of Ironhill Delve to the west and a water-based trade with the settlements on Feywood Lake. Four Rivers is one of the "jumping off" points for pioneers and adventurers seeking to make a life deeper in the frontier.   The town of Oakwood which sits astride the road between Four Rivers and Endmere is also a lively place. Besides benefitting from the dwarven trade, this is also one of several towns in the northern Frontier Lands that are the “jumping off” points for those looking to make a life for themselves in the wilds of the frontier - whether as farmers, merchants, or adventurers.


Demographically, Four Rivers is one of the most diverse settlements in the Frontier Lands:
  • Dwarves: 15%
  • Elves: 10%
  • Gnomes: 10%
  • Goblins: 15%
  • Halflings: 15%
  • Humans: 30% (5% Half-orc, 10% Half-elf)


Four Rivers prides itself on democracy and independence, but like everywhere else, it is money that ultimately governs the city. A mayor is elected every five years, but it is the candidate backed by the Merchant's Guild that ultimately wins. A city council holds the real power; this consists of appointed representatives of each of the major Guilds in town: the Merchant's Guild, the Teamster's Guild, the Innkeeper's Guild, and the Artisan's Guild.

The Mayor appoints a Chief Constable, who is responsible for managing the City Guard.

Guilds and Factions

Four major guilds hold effective political control over the town due to their advisory status to the Mayor:
  • The Merchant Guild controls all of the trade goods traveling into and out of the city. Trade agreements with the Ironhill Delve Dwarves have made the senior members of this guild the wealthiest, and most powerful, people in the city.
  • The Teamster Guild is the second most powerful organization in the city, though some would say it has power equal to that of the Merchants. This is because without the Teamsters, the Merchants' trade dries up.
  • The Artisan Guild comprises the many craftsmen found in town - from the bakers to the blacksmiths. They typically align closely with the Merchants and Teamsters, as they rely on both for steady flow of raw materials and finished goods.
  • The Innkeeper Guild is often referred to as the Casino Guild, since it is the gaming at the many taverns and inns in the city that bring in the most money for its members. There are a number of inns in or near the city that do not offer gaming; while their owners are guild members, they are rarely part of any real decision making.

There is also a thriving Thieves' Guild in the city. While it is not officially recognized, it nevertheless has importance. Blackmail threats and protection rackets form the basis of this power.
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