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The Hamlet of Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock is an optimistically named mining settlement in the foothills of the Teeth of the Sea on the eastern edge of the Feywood. The town sprung up almost overnight a little over thirty years ago when word of a gold strike in the mountains there leaked into the towns of Feybridge Crossing, Dryads Falls, and then to towns further north. Word has also somehow reached southward to the Lonely Delve, attracting adventurous dwarves as well.

Since the rush of prosectors to the region, there has been very little gold extracted from the mountains there. But the prospectors labor on, and more come every year to replace the ones who die in their mineshafts.


There is no formal government in Crystal Rock, and there is no law. Differences among prospectors are handled personally, and often violently.


There is essentially no infrastructure in the town. Apart from the several crude shacks housing prospectors, there are only two commercial buildings in the town: the Gold Strike Inn and Gathrak's General Store. The former provides poor-grade lodging for the few travellers that find themselves here; the common room provides ale, gambling, and other entertainments. Prices in the general store are exhorbitantly high, but it is the only shop in town, and the proprietor is a big, surly half-orc.

There are mining sluices set up in the foothills east of the hamlet, and several mine tunnel entrances started by prospectors.
Founding Date
Location under
Humans: 42%
Dwarves: 38%
Half-Orcs: 7%
Goblins: 4%
Gnomes: 4%
Half Elves: 2%
Halflings: 2%
Elves: 1%

Traveller Accomodations
Gold Strike Inn (common room, meals, lodging)

Other Notable Establishments
Gathrak's General Store (supplies, dry goods)

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