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The Pike and Paddle

Every village has its favorite "local watering hole", and for the village of Spirit Lake, that place has been the Pike and Paddle tavern for over 37 years. Built nearer the middle of town, and without the rooms that an inn provides, the Pike and Paddle became the place where the locals gathered to unwind after a long day's work, or to discuss topics of import to the village itself - without the prying eyes and ears of travelers, visitors, and merchants who would scatter their gossip about the village all over the Feywood.

There are rarely more than a few folks in the tavern during the workday, and if strangers to the village are seeking any information or looking for someone, this is the best time to do so. As the sun goes down, the tavern tends to fill up, and while strangers that enter at this hour aren't actually turned away, they are made to feel uncomfortable enough that all but the thickest - or most obstinate - soon get the message and leave.
Founding Date
27 Time of Caleran's Crown, 2133CR
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