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Gimna's Palace

The village of Spirit Lake attracts more tourists than a village of its size should. Most come to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the lake itself, but others come for quite different reasons. As the most reputable casino south of Four Rivers, Gimna's Palace attracts those who live for the thrill of gambling their coin on the toss of a dice, or the spin of a wheel, or the turn of a card.

The Palace, as it is often called by its regulars, offers several games of chance to its patrons - some are played against the house and others against other patrons. It does not offer room accomodations, but the owner, Snifikwart Mavabroop, has an agreement with the proprietor of the Roadhead Inn across the street to accomodate high-spending patrons.

Founding Date
13 Time of Enfindiel's Diadem, 2088CR
Parent Location
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The casino has a small tavern/taproom where patrons can relax in between gaming sessions, though there are gaming opportunities there as well thanks to the ingenuity of the owner. Snifikwart put his tinkering skills to work years ago and has developed a mechanism that allows a patron to drop a coin into a slot, specify a bet, pull a lever, and - if they win - collect their winnings. Snifikwart calls his marvelous contraption a Bet and Spin Machine; use of these machines is extremely popular in the establishment.

In the tavern room, each table has a Bet and Spin that accepts copper coins, and the are two on the bar itself that accept silver coins. In the gaming hall, all four walls are lined with row of these machines that accept gold coins. There are two roulette tables, a number of tables dedicated to the play of Ninestones and Sevenstones, and other tables dedicated to games involving decks of cards. Prices in the tavern are a bit higher than in the Pike and Paddle, but gamblers are often treated to complimentary drinks commensurate with how much they play at the games.

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