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Larkmoor's Baked Goods

The oldest bakery in Spirit lake, the shop now owned and operated by Elina Larkmoor has been around since shortly after the village was first founded. For many years, it was the only place to go for breads, pastries, cakes, rolls, muffins, and other similar things. But with Grisela Bladewell essentially cornering the cakes and pastries business, and Toby Walis' bread loaf variety attracting customers to that shoppe, Elina has decided to focus on dessert pies. Fruit pies of all varieties are available, depending on the season. Elina has managed to keep a good business going since her pies are considered a must-have for any important social occasion.
Founding Date
13 Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2021CR
Parent Location

Available Goods and Services

Goods for Sale


Tokens and Character images, including side panel fey images, made by RPGDinosaurBob using HeroForge®
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