Adelric's Smithy

Many visitors are surprised to enter the work area of the village blacksmiths to find a halfling hammering away at a piece of glowing iron with an oversized hammer, but the villagers learned long ago not to question the skills of Adelric Hammertrue. The exceptionally strong - and exceptionally good-natured - halfling is more than capable of meeting all of the common needs of village when it comes to ironwork, and even even offers decorative wrought-iron fences, grates, and other pieces to those with the coin to pay for his time.

Available Goods and Services

Goods for Sale
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Tokens and Character images, including side panel fey images, made by RPGDinosaurBob using HeroForge®
Banner image by RPGDinosaurBob using Flowscape on Steam.
Side panel forest images by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Cover image: The Inn from the Bridge over Daphinia's Stream by RPGDinosaurBob (with Flowscape)


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