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The Coach Stop Inn

Forty-eight years ago, an enterprising young coach-driver who frequented the route between Dryad Falls and Karnstown realized there was an opportunity to be had in the village of Dryad Falls. After making some advance business arrangements with the coach company, he left his driver's job and, with his young spouse, moved to the small village by the lake. Spirit Lake had always had an inn - the Roadhead, located on the western edge of the village - and the coach always stopped there, but the village was growing and passengers were becoming more numerous.

And so, a new inn was quickly built, but this one on the eastern edge of the village. It was named the Coach Stop Inn, and from the very first day of its operation, the coaches from Dryad Falls did indeed stop there - instead of in front of the Roadhead. The business was immediately successful, though an animosity between its owner and that of the Roadhead also sprung up.

The Coach Stop is now operated by the son of the original owner. Rikard Fenbrook was born at the inn some two years after its opening. He took over operations when his father passed on six years ago - some say under mysterious circumstances.
Founding Date
25 Time of Shimmerscale's Pyramid, 2122CR
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Boarding at the Inn
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