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Elina Larkmoor (eh - LEE - nuh LARK - more)

Born on one of the farms outside of Spirit Lake, Elina grew up enjoying the wonderful baked treats that her mother prepared using the fruits harvested from the farm. Her family has been renown for their skils at baking pies and tarts ever since the village was founded. In fact, it was her great-grandmother that first opened the shop that Elina now owns and runs. Elina took the shop over from her aunt who suffered a debilitating, but not fatal, burn tending one of the ovens; since the aunt had no children who wished to take over the shop, Elina was a way to keep it in the family.

Elina wasn't sure at first if she wanted to run the shop, but out of family loyalty, she did. Since then, she has grown to love the shop and the opportunities it offers to chat with villagers all day long. Elina tries very hard to know what's going on at all times, but the sources she relies on for information are often questionable - and as often as not her own opinions slowly tranform into "fact" even in her own mind.

Baker, shop proprietor
Current Location
Date of Birth
09 Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 2132CR
Current Residence
Ruled Locations

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