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Snifikwart Mavabroop

One of the major attractions that bring tourists to the village of Spirit Lake is the casino establishment owned by the old Gnomish cleric, Snifikwart Mavabroop. Unfortunately, Snifikwart has begun to fall victim to a disease that seems to affect all gnomes sooner or later: a malady called "the Fade". Snifikwart began to show signs of this shortly after opening Gimna's Palace in Spirit Lake some eighty years ago.

Nowadays, Snifikwart still makes two trips through the casino each day, ostensibly checking on the games and chatting with the patrons, but the ashen pale, weathered old gnome that leaves his office precisely at the beginning of the Lateday Watch, and again precisely at the beginning of the Midnight Watch, is little more than a shadow of the vibrant gnome that almost turned the casino business of Four Rivers on its end over a hundred years ago. Snifikwart is an anointed priest of the Duagnar deity, Gimna, and as such, is dedicated to honesty and fair play in all games of chance - something that the casino masters of Four Rivers are decidedly not in favor of. After repeated attempts to reform the business in that city, Snifikwart finally "closed down" his own establishment (with the help of several bottles of Alchemist's Fire) and moved to Spirit Lake for a fresh start. But it was clear to those who knew him that his efforts in Four Rivers had sapped his spirit -- he was never the same.

Casino Owner
Current Location
Date of Birth
25 Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 1783CR
Ruled Locations

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