Nowhere's Middle of Nowhere

The people who inhabit every large city that has ever existed - whether on Cartyrion or any other world - have always had expressions to refer to places so remote, so far from civilization, as to be meme-worthy. But what about the people who actually do live in those remote places? Where do they consider as being so far away... so uncivilized... so laughable as to be worthy of mention in a common expression? Let's find out.

To the people of the Kingdoms, and even to the people of the Free Cities along the Farsea and Icefell Bay Coasts, the epitome of "far away wilderness" is the heart of the Feywood. And the settlement in the heart of the Feywood that finds its way into most expressions or remoteness is the Village of Feybridge Crossing. This is a raucous frontier town believed by those in more "civilized" settings to be filled with farmers, lumberjacks, gamblers, and fortune-seekers living in crude log cabins or even holes dug into the ground. Technically, those assessments are half correct. Most of the residents of Feybridge Crossing are, in fact, farmers, lumberjacks, and gamblers, and there are even a few fortune-seekers. But while the town may not have the same magnificent stone structures of a city like Endmere, it is a town that has been around for over a hundred years - a town that consists of, for the most part, well-constructed wood-frame buildings. In short, it is far from the most primitive frontier outpost in the Feywood.

That honor goes to the mining shanty town of Crystal Rock. Situated in the foothills of the Teeth of the Sea southeast of Feybridge Crossing, this hamlet is as far away from the civilization of the Free Cities that a human can go and still find another human to speak with. The ironic thing is that the folk of Endmere have heard of Crystal Rock - but the word that reaches them is that Crystal Rock is a booming mining town, rich from gold strikes. To them, it's Feybridge Crossing that's the lawless stopover town. The people of Feybridge Crossing know better though, for they see the prospectors whose dreams were shattered by the barren stone of Crystal Rock. The Feybridge folk know that Crystal Rock really is the end of the line... as far from any good life as one can go without getting lost in the woods.       When people say "the middle of nowhere" or "the frontier" what settlement name do they use?


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