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The Village of Spudbarrow

Spudbarrow is really just a collection of closely built homes and burrows - each with its own extensive gardens for flowers and crops - surrounding a small town center. The few shops and taverns, and the one inn of the village surround an oversized town square - the main location for Strawberry Festival activities. The road connecting Feybridge Crossing and Karnstown does not passes by the Inn and Tavern through the center of town; rather it passes behind the passes through the center of the town.

The town is nestled within a rolling hills section of the Feywood. Approximately half of the homes in Spudbarrow are traditional halfling "hillock homes" - consructed mostly, or at least partly, underground in these "barrows". The remaining homes, as well as the shops, inns, and tavern are of mostly wood construction with stone foundations.

The Annual Strawberry Festival attracts attendees from up and down the Karnstown road. Even the occasional Elf or Fey will arrive from the deep woods for the event. Temporary accomodation spaces are available for the festival-goers to enjoy the entire week of activities.


"Important Decisions" within the village are made by the entire community. When enough Spudbarrowers decide to do something, it simply gets done.  

Mayor of Spudbarrow

This is a ceremonial, rather than political position to which some well-liked halfling of the village gets appointed each year just before the Strawberry Festival. The major function of the Mayor is to act as Master of Ceremonies for the annual Strawberry Festival. The responsibility of also having to resolve any ties that may arise in the judging of strawberry-related entries in the various contests is the most feared aspect of the job. The Mayor may, on extremely rare occasion, may be asked to represent the town if "something important" comes up, but in the history of the town, nothing of sufficient import has arisen. It is not unusual for the same individual to hold the job for many, many years.

Industry & Trade

Spudbarrow, as its name implies, grows a lot of potatoes. There are large fields of these and other root crops such as carrots, turnips, and radishes surrounding the village homes. It is a community effort to tend these fields. Whatever is not used within the village is shipped and sold in Karnstown. Proceeds are either distributed among the community or used to fund the annual Strawberry Festival.

As for those strawberries, every home in the village has extensive strawberry plantings worked into their landscapes. Besides consuming them fresh, these are converted into jellies, jams, and beverages - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Some of the preserves and candies are sold in Arabeth's Strawberry Patch, a shop on the town square. Excess product is sold in Karnstown.

Small dairy herds of cattle and sheep are kept by some of the villagers. These produce milk products, including several varieties of cheese. Small portions of the herds are sold to the two village butchers for meat. There is a wind-powered mill at the edge of the village which produces potato flour. Much of this is used by residents or the two local bakers, but some is sold outside the village as well.
Founding Date
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Halflings: 78%
Elves: 5%
Humans: 4%
Half Elves: 4%
Gnomes: 4%
Goblins: 3%
Dwarves: 2%

Traveler Accomodations
The Meat & Mead Inn (common room, lodging, meals)
The Hearth & Home Inn (common room, lodging, meals)

Other Notable Establishments
The Pewter Mug Tavern (common room, meals)
Arabeth's Strawberry Patch (preserves, candies)
Milo's Cheeses (local cheeses)
2 bakeries
2 butcher
1 green grocer
1 general/dry goods

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