Ancelin's First Tablet of Law

Saint Ancelin is reverered among the Human populations as being the founder of their civilization. He is the reason humans advanced from living as hunter-gatherers to organizing into great kingdoms. Saint Ancelin recorded his teachings in clay tablets using an alphabet and a writing technique that he developed; many such tablets have survived thousands of years and exist to this day. Several of these tablets form the beginning of the sacred scripture of the True Church of the Humanar. Of these, the most important is his First Tablet.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is said that, since the tablet was created using Saint Ancelin's Stylus, there is a compelling divine magic embedded into the tablet. According to the traditions of the True Church, this Stylus imparts magic upon tablets created with it such that all who read the tablet, or who even gaze upon it while being aware of its translation, are compelled to abide by the tenets, principles, or laws that the tablet contains. But there is some debate as to whether the Stylus had such powers when the First Tablet was created - or even if the Stylus ever had such powers.

According to the True Church, since all its believers have had the tablets bearing the Tenets of Humankind read to them during their Church initiation ritual, all believers will adhere to what is effectively church law. Sages and students of high magic have proposed that such magic is indeed possible, but that it would also be possible for those of sufficiently high mental discipline to overcome any such compulsion. Furthermore, with regard to the First Tablet specifically, these learned Folk note that the contents of the tablet are sufficiently vague that it would be nigh on impossible to determine whether a religious adherent was acting on compulsion from the tablet, or simply acting out of common sense for the benefit of self and family.

The True Church has, to date, refused all offers to magically examine the First Tablet to ascertain definitively whether or not it bears any compulsion magic that may have been imparted by Stylus, or Saint Ancelin himself, or any other means. Their claim that to even doubt the power of the tablet was heresy has kept the world from learning once and for all the true nature of the First Tablet.


Ancelin's First Tablet is taken to contain the First Tenets of Humankind - the very basis for the entire religiou preached by the various Churches of the Humanar. These tenets describe behaviors that Humans should follow to improve their ability to thrive as a community. The Tenets on the First Tablet are not written as rules or laws, but rather as aspirations of good outcomes should behaviors be followed. As such, determination of whether one is "following the tenets" provides rather broad windows of interpretation.
Raw materials & Components
The cuneiform writing was impressed into a fine, wet clay, which was then fired in a ceramic oven and glazed. The impressed stylus marks were then filled with enamel to make them more clearly legible.
The impressions of the letters have been shown to match those made by the stylus known as Saint Ancelin's Stylus; this supports the True Church's statements that the tablets, like the stylus, date back to the time of Saint Ancelin, and were prepared by Saint Ancelin himself.

Tablet Contents

First Tenet
Let the hunters hunt, the gatherers gather, and the builders build. But let each prosper from the other.

Second Tenet
When those with plenty aid those with little, all are uplifted, and all grow stronger. But when those with plenty withhold their excesses, resources are wasted and the greater good suffers.

Third Tenet
When one declines to use one's talents, either from spite or laziness, one diminishes the entire community. One should never take comfort in another laboring where they themselves should be laboring.


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