Archaeologists of Tyrnabay

In every corner of Cartyrion, there are Folk lured to adventure by the promise of discovering untold riches and powerful artifacts of the past. Most of those who follow this path have no problem admitting their motivations. If asked, they will profess to being "Treasure Hunters", and will more often than not begin to regale the listener with tales of their greatest "finds". They have little concern for the portion of the population that look down on them and their profession, feeling that the only difference between treasure hunters and thieves is that, for treasure hunters, the people being robbed are probably already dead.

Tyrnabay is a kingdom that tends to attract criminal elements from all over the world, but in order to survive, it must also do everything it can to appear to be a legitimate equal to other kingdoms and nations of Cartyrion. One way they do this is to culturally discourage the use of derogatory names and expressions wherever possible. The best example of this can be found in the Wolf's Bay Free Traders' League, an association of Pirates and Mercenaries who care very little for "free trade". Another example of this, though, are the Treasure Hunters. In Tyrnabay, they officially claim to be interested in history, not in loot, and therefore they refer to themselves as Archaeologists.


The most important qualifications required for a Tyrnabay citizen to claim the job title of archaeology are greed and courage. These folk must be willing to leave the comforts of village, town, and city behind and brave the wilds of unexplored forests, jungles, mountains, and swamps of the world.

Notable Tyrnabay Archaeologists

  • Cricktwo Longwhisker
  • A Chittiki (ratfolk) famous for discovering long-lost towers, castles, and other ruins. Unique among Tyrnabay Archaeologists for his unwillingness to actually explore his "discoveries"; that is left for braver folk willing to pay him for the knowledge of where to look.
  • Wyrdswyrth Spikeberry
  • A Tyrnabay Noble with the title of Marquis, and nominally responsible for the territory north of Evermist Lake, a land claimed and occupied primarily by orc tribes.


    There are many regions of Cartyrion that civilization touched before the Great Strife that are unexplored wilderness today. Some of the regions that were devastated and depopulated during the god-war are still wastelands, others have been reclaimed by nature, but all bear the scars of the struggles - and the remnants of the civilized Folk that once lived there. The region around Tyrnabay has more than their share of such places.
    Two in particular stand out. Lands lying west across the mountains known as th Broken Range are especially rich targets, as the Second Taxlatl Empire once thrived there. And the barren plain north of the port city of Desolation Point was once the site of a great mountain peak in which the Dwarves established a Delve. Mountain and Delve were obliterated during the god-war, leaving no trace. But many still search for the "Lost Delve" and the dwarven riches that must be buried there.


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