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Atula Fairtoes

Atulia is the churchwarden of the Humanar Shrine in the village of Spirit Lake. Her duties involve keeping the shrine tidy and properly tended as befits the honor due to the Humanar deities by the faith. But it also means she is responsible for tending the cemetery grounds behind the shrine, and this is where she prefers to spend most of her time. Far from any ghoulish desire to be around dead people, she sees her duties as being responsible for ensuring the Garden of the Gods, as the cemetery is called, is a pleasant place for the living to visit.

Atulia also assists the parson, Rachel Clarell, in ministering to the needs of the folk of the village. Halflings, and even gnomes and goblins in town find her more approachable than the "tallfolk" Rachel.

Ordained Priest
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Churchwarden Reverend
Date of Birth
23 Time of Aanarakka's Staff, 2146CR

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