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Yours was a profession that many of the Folk, whether in village, city, or town, could not live without. At the end of a long day toiling to earn a few copper coins, those Folk happily turned those coins over to you for a tankard of ale or mead, or perhaps a flagon of wine.



To the casual observer, the job of running an establishment like a tavern or inn seems simple. In fact, there is quite a bit of heavy physical labor required, and more than the usual share of tedium. Hauling kegs of ale around requires strength and stamina, and standing around cleaning out tankards while waiting for the evening rush of patrons requires patience.

For those that work the floors of such establishments, there are additional requirements. Service with a smile is expected, even when the customers are behaving rudely, or even lewdly. And navigating a crowded floor filled with inebriated guests while carrying a full tray of mead tankards is an acquired skill that requires strength and extraordinary balance.

Those who do not have the right temperament, or the necessary physical stamina, rarely survive long in this profession.

Career Progression

The only desirable progression within this occupation would be to move from a hired worker to the owner of an establishment such as a tavern, inn, or casino. Very few take up jobs in such establishments with the intention of spending a lifetime running from table to table, or serving ale to obnxious Folk who have already had too much. Those who do succeed in setting up or taking over their own establishments, and wish to remain successful, are those who truly wish to see other people happy.

For the young, working in a tavern or inn is generally a means to an end, and as soon as enough coin has been saved to allow the switch to a more desirable profession, they happily leave the tavern life behind -- except when they return as customers. For older Folk, this may simply be a job that came along after a string of bad luck forced them out of other, more lucrative careers. Some of these folk are happy to be working, others are more like the young and hope to get back out some day.

When a barkeep turns adventurer, their choice of adventuring class is not really dependent on what they learned as a barkeep. Those able to sling kegs or ale around, and who have been involved in more than a few tavern brawls generally have the physical requirements to train as fighter types. Those who relied on their wits, and especially those who weren't above slipping an extra coin or two away from a careless patron may become rogues. Those who spent days waxing philosophically and discussing the state of the world with patrons could even choose a clerical future, or perhaps a champion. And of course, those touched with natural magical abilities can always become sorcerers.


Social Status

Social status for those in the hospitality professions is an interesting issue. There are some who hold their favorite barkeep in very high regard, especially if they are knowledgeable about what is going on in the world, and are willing to listen to (and at least seem to agree with) patrons as they expound their theories and lament their poor fortune. But society as a whole considers those who take up this trade as little more than servants whose job it is to deliver food and drink to others who are relaxing and enjoying the company of their friends. The person behind the bar typically garners more respect than those who have to move from table to table in inns, taverns, casinos, and other such establishments.

Alternative Names

Barkeep, Innkeeper, Tavernkeeper
Also included within this profession are Waiters, Tavern Wenches (sometimes considered a derogatory name), Serving Folk


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