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Land's End

The Kingdom of Tyrnabay claims to control a great deal of lands in their part of the world - an easy thing to do when much of that land is devoid of any populations of the Folk. Sailing south along the coast from its main port cities, the impenetrable jungles to the west are all claimed, but there are only two places with any evidence of actual possession of the lands. The southernmost of these is a port city whose name reminds all that they have gone as far as they can go. This is the city of Land's End.

Industry & Trade

Land's End is a port city, serving as a resupply and repair point for ships operating in both the Great Sea and the Sea of Storms. Timber, fresh water, fresh fruit, and fruit-derived durable provisions are the primary industry products. Timber is used in the shipyards to repair vessels that require it; the other products are purchased by the many ships that make provisioning stops at the port.

Entertainment is probably the biggest single industry of the town. Given its relatively lawless nature, the types of entertainment available to sailors who have spent long months at sea are, to say the least, "varied". Taverns are everywhere; most are "claimed" by individual ship crews or pirate fleets as their home territory in Land's End. Brawls are common, especially when two different crews that claim the same tavern are in port at the same time.


As the Kingdom of Tyrnabay grew, and the pirate fleets that called it home began to range into the Sea of Storms, it became clear that a resupply and repair port near the southernmost tip of Tyrnabay's land mass would be useful. The settlement of Land's End was founded to serve that purpose.

Legends told in the town claim that its founders were the crew of a ship that wrecked on the nearby reefs. According to these tales, the crew took nearly a year to repair their ship, and during that time many decided they had enough of the sea. Rather than sail off, they remained.
Founding Date
approximately 6000
Inhabitant Demonym
Land's Enders (usually shortened to simply 'Enders')
Humans: 40%
The remaining 2% are a mix of Awkwana, Elves, Kobolds, and Taxlatl


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