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Stop the Poaching - Group 2, Session 1

General Summary

13th day of the Time of V'nbarrgh's Greataxe, 2171CR

t has been seven days since the party returned from the Lizard Fens with the testimony of the Taxlatl scouts regarding the Fey poaching going on in the North, but Amalthea the Druid finally arrives. She is introduced to the party, and after the formalities - which include Amalthea's acknowledgement of the group's favorable handling of their fey-related adventures so far, Amalthea has a request for the party.

She asks that they journey to the (mostly) human village of Spirit Lake - the apparent center of whatever is going on to cause the deaths and disappearances of so many of the Sprites and Pixies of the Feywood - to root out the poaching operation and try to put a stop to the slaughter once and for all. She offers an indeterminate amount of gold as compensation, explaining that she understands that is the typical reward for adventurers.

The party is aware of the problem - the Taxlatl chieftain had explained it to them. They also know the importance of stopping the killing of the Pixies and Sprites - these creatures do not reproduce; they were intended to live forever - so any loss of the creatures was a permanent loss. Tanalith the Elf responds that the group would be only too happy to help, and that compensation was not a prime concern (though Aryk the Dwarf did harumph a bit as the Elf stated that last part). Zatqualmie the Gnome, who still doesn't consider himself an "adventurer", but merely an observer, explains that he is sure this stalwart group will be able to help. Pickles is eager as always. Thornas merely nods his assent.

After assessing their options, the party decides to stick to the roads and villages to reach Spirit Lake. For some, this will mean traveling through familiar territory. Tanalith and Thornas traveled through Dryad Falls and Feybridge Crossing a month or so earlier on their way to the Bugbear's Head Inn. Zatqualmie spent the first part of his life in Dryad Falls, and in fact had traveled through Spirit Lake on his way to Karnstown when he first set out on his journey of "observation".

Five uneventful days on the road saw the party reaching Feybridge Crossing, the first village on their route. This is a typical frontier town: some shops... not a lot of strict organization... and one inn/tavern/casino/brothel at the edge of town to serve the residents and various travelers passing through the village. After checking into rooms at the Two Bridges Inn, they return to the common room for some food and beverage refreshment.

Zatqualmie is immediately attracted to the gaming room. He first drops a few silver coins (four, to be exact) at the roulette table - losing them all - but is quickly satisfied that the game seems to be legitimate. The odds are clearly in the house's favor, but the wheel seems fair. He approves, and then decides to take a seat at one of the Sevenstones tables where three others are currently in a game. Joining the game, Gimna smiles on Zatqualmie, and he very quickly wins the first three rounds of play, adding 12 silver pieces to his wealth in just a few minutes. He then rises, compliments the three others at the table for their fair play, and turns to leave.

The other three aren't so gracious. After having a complete stranger sit down and immediately win three hands in a row, at least one of them is convinced that it's Zat that's cheating - and he says so loudly and arrogantly. His companions at the table also stand up, apparentlye eager for a confrontation. In fact, several people all around the inn seem to be excited at the prospect of some minor violence breaking out. Thornas the half-elven monk has been observing Zat and the games; he immediately moves to stand behind the gnome.

Before the first belligerent can strike Zat, the gnome Commands the gentleman to collapse to the ground. That, of course, is enough for the rest of the place to erupt. Patrons of the tavern converge on the gnome and half-elf, clearly relishing the thought of a good tavern brawl.
Region Map
Region Around the Bugbear's Head Inn

Feybridge Crossing Map
The Village of Feybridge Crossing

Some in the common room that had a view into the gaming room also rise and start looking around - taking note of the other party members that had arrived with the quiet half-elf and "cheater" gnome that are currently the center of attention in the gameroom.

Whether it is the few drinks that all the non-party combatants have had, or the fact that they're not used to swinging at a target that is half their size, the friends of the accuser who is now lying on the floor all miss their attacks on Zatqualmie, or land only glancing blows. Thornas, realizing he is in a position that would allow him to be attacked from all sides, leaps over a table to get his back to the wall. Zatqualmie casts another spell, then immediately rushes under the same table to arise beside Thornas. Strangely, the combatants don't quite seem to notice him anymore.

Aryk, in the meantime, sees the action starting and decides to join in -- after finishing his tankard of ale. He rises and strides across the room, only to be accosted by some complete stranger who knocks him to the ground. Pickles also jumps up, and causes a large, mysterious pointing finger to appear - he pokes it into the chest of another stranger who seemed to be having thoughts of joining in the brawl and threatening him with death if he tries anything. This immediately attracts several other strangers from the common room, who converge around the diminutive goblin, but don't manage to land any serious blows on him at first.

Tanalith, in the meantime, has not moved from his position - standing alongside the hearth in the common room with Eyolf at his feet. He is merely observing, but also glaring at the few other strangers in the room that have been eyeing him from across the common room.

The session ends here.

Missions/Quests Completed

The party has accepted the mission of traveling to Spirit Lake to deal with the poachers. They have gotten as far as Feybridge Crossing, and have managed to get themselves into the middle of a tavern brawl.

Character(s) interacted with

The party met with Amalthea the Druid and accepted their mission.

They journeyed to Feybridge Crossing, obtained rooms from the proprietor of the Two Bridges Inn, and are now involved in a tavern brawl with at least a dozen or two of the village regulars.

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