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The Dauntless Halflings

This article is one of a series providing basic information for someone choosing to role-play a Halfling of the Dauntless Culture in a TTRPG based in the World of Cartyrion. The series is designed to encourage preparation of a Player Character by focusing on the nature of the character without focusing on the game statistics.
You have come to realize that not all of the good and comfortable things in life will be delivered to you on a silver platter. You will, in all likelihood, have to go out and find them yourself. And that could, at times, be dangerous! But this doesn't faze you... you are brave... you are spirited... you are... Dauntless!

Cultural History

The first Dauntless no doubt appeared shortly after the first Halflings drew breath on Cartyrion. In fact, it is likely that one or two of the first ones fit the description of Dauntless. And while the Halflings were able to get along with their close cousins, the Humans from the beginning, it was probably the Dauntless few that were leaders as the Halflings encountered other Folk. The Dauntless do not separate themselves from other Halfling cultures; they live among their friends and family, and they are always willing to leap to challenge any threat to their otherwise peaceful surroundings.

Geographic Distribution

Dauntless can arise anywhere there are Halflings. Wherever they are born and raised, there will, from time to time, be one child that seems to show no fear, and be more independent minded than most. This is not a culture based upon region or community lifestyle, it is one based purely on individual personality. A family whose members have been content to tend the gardens and enjoy the occasional village celebration may discover that one of its children has a courageous and adventurous streak that far exceeds the norm for a typical Halfling. These are, in all likelihood, destined to be among the Dauntless.

Role-Playing a Dauntless Halfling

Interacting with Other Halflings
Many other Halflings, most probably including your own siblings, parents, and direct relatives, will not completely understand you. Since your early youth, you have probably heard the question, "but weren't you frightened?" more times than you can count. You are also used to the silent head-shakes that follow when you answer "of course not!". But, when you arrive home after some adventure or another, those same timid folks will surround you, waiting to hear of your tales of terror and glory. Hearing of your adventures is more than enough danger to satisfy them, and your good nature is more than willing to let them get their excitement vicariously through you.
Interacting with Folk of other Races
Many of the Folk, in particular those who tend to be much bigger and taller, will often fail to take any threats or challenges offered by a Dauntless seriously. It is only after the Dauntless Halfling springs into action that they realize it was not false bravado, but real fearlessness and intention. Once that understanding is reached, however, the Tall Folk (as the Halflings call them) will doubt the willingness of the Dauntless to face danger far less, but they may continue to express surprise at the actions and accomplishments of "such a harmless-looking creature".

At the same time, the other "Small Folk" heritages: Goblins, Gnomes, and perhaps Chittiki, will have trouble understanding how someone "our size" could be so brave in the face of such big threats.
Interacting with Your Adventuring Party
If your fellow adventurers have not encountered Dauntless Halflings before, they will have the same first reactions as any other Folk. But as you prove yourself, they will come to trust in, and even rely upon, your willingness to lead the charge into danger's path.

Naming Conventions

The Dauntless do not have any unique formal naming conventions, but rather rely on the given and family names that predominate their local home culture. They do, however, enjoy hearing other Halflings add some appelation to their names. Thus, if Marionella Brandywine were to be hailed as "Marionella the Bold" among Halfling company, Marionella will not do anything to suppress it.
Traditions and Taboos
Small groups or villages may have a few unique traditions, and individual family groups tend to have many. But there is only one universal Halfling tradition, and that is the offering of a meal to any visiting guest. Not a snack... not a drink... an entire meal. Even if a scheduled meal has just concluded, arriving guests will have a plate full of food placed before them, and to not consume at least a major portion of it is considered an affront to the household. The Dauntless as a Culture have no specific Traditions.

Similarly, the only universal taboos to Halflings are to willingly decline an offered meal and to let good food go to waste. Among the Dauntless, though, taboos are not unheard of. While there are none universal to the culture, it is the rare Dauntless indeed that does not have some personal taboos that are never broken, and which may have no obvious origin. These vary widely, and may be something like, "Never eat sausages before entering a crypt. Bacon? yes, Sausage? No", or "Never wear a silver cloak-clasp".
Likely Professions
Before embarking on the almost inevitable career of an Adventurer, Dauntless halflings are likely to take positions that other Halflings would fear to engage in. The Town Watch in a mostly halfling settlement is likely composed of predominantly Dauntless types, for example. They may also be the Hunters. There have been many tales of Halfling Bounty Hunters as well. But the Dauntless may just as easily be a simple Farmer, or Barkeep, or Artisan, or anything else that any other Halfling may be.
Preferred Gear/Dress
The Dauntless do not dress any differently from other Halflings. When not adventuring, they will wear whatever the prevailing fashions dictate. As adventurer, they will array themselves in a manner appropriate to their class. Because of their size, shortswords will be favored over longswords; hand axes over battleaxes. Many will employ a uniquely Halfling weapon: the sling staff to great effect at range.


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