The Feywood Rangers

Rangers, remember your task and your duty. Father Berdea gave this Forest to our cousins the Fey Creatures to defend and nurture. So it falls to us to defend the Fey themselves. The Folk as a whole are not our enemy, but we have enemies among them. Our challenge is to root them out, not to break an alliance that saw victory in the Great Strife. Our elders have told us that futher darkness is coming and we cannot afford to lose an Ally. So be Vigilant... be Wise... but be Swift lest more precious life is lost.
— Ranger Captain Aenwyn Aelen addressing her Patrol
The Feywood was a peaceful place for almost two thousand years since the Great Strife. Then the Folk started to return. The Folk - Humans and Halflings mostly, with a smattering of Gnome, Goblin, and Dwarf - were not necessarily bad Folk. They had, after all, been key allies during the Strife. And for the most part, the ones coming to the Feywood now were simply looking to make a living for themselves and their families. Their "agriculture" disrupted the Forest, but it was really just another form of bringing life out of the ground, wasn't it? They hunted, but everything needs to eat and wear basic protective clothing.

But some of the Folk were different. Some of them hunted, but not for meat. They took the furs and skins of the creatures they killed, but they were not wearing them! Worse, they sometimes captured and killed more than just the simple animals... they killed the lesser Fey! Sprites and Pixies were being killed... their wings plucked and their bodies left to rot! This was not the Way of Nature.

The Elves quickly learned what was behind this. It was what the Humans called "fashion", and it was something from the large cities in the North. They apparently have taken to adorning themselves with exotic, hard-to-find items from the world to show off their prowess and wealth. To the Elves, and obviously to the Fey themselves, this was simply not acceptable! Something had to be done!

And so, five years ago, the Feywood Rangers were organized. The Elves would regularly patrol the whole of the Feywood - concentrating on the forest around the settlements, but ranging throughout the heart of the forest as well. These poachers would be stopped. They would be reminded of how one lives in the Feywood, or they would be ejected... or worse. Five years ago, the Feywood Rangers began their patrols, and since then, poaching has not been a healthy profession to undertake in the Feywood.


The Feywood Rangers is the closest thing to a police force that is to be found in the Feywood. It is organized into a number of Patrols, each with eighteen Patrollers, a Captain, and a Lieutenant. The Patrollers are further divided into three Flights of six Elves each. Each of the Flights will occasionally break up into two Shafts of three each to cover more ground in their sweeps of the forest.

Public Agenda

The purpose of the Elven Feywood Rangers is to protect the Feywood and its denizens from the incursions of those who would do them harm. At first, their stated purpose was to simply rid the Forest of poachers, by driving them out and, perhaps educating the Folk that were coming into the Feywood about the importance of responsible use of the Forest and its resources.

Recently, though, the agenda is undergoing changes. With the drastic increase of Fey killing and other poaching, the Rangers find no time for the education portion of their original mission. They are also finding that their defensive responses have needed to become increasingly swift and violent. Deep down, though, the Elves are no happier about this than are the unfortunate victims of their assaults.


For the past two hundred years, the Folk (Humans, Halflings, Gnomes, and Dwarves) have once again begun to move into the Forest to establish homesteads, and while most of these are simply trying to live, others have arrived to exploit the Feywood and its creatures. The Elves and Fey will tolerate, if not welcome, the former group, but the latter are most definitely not welcome.

Five years ago, the Elves formed the Rangers to deal with the growing poaching problems. Initially, their objective was to root out poachers and drive them out of the Forest with stern warnings. The Folk were, after all, not true enemies of the Elves and Fey; they had been allies during the Great Strife.

Recently, since word of a cure for the Wasting has reached the Frontier Lands and the Feywood, poaching has increased. Worse - the targets of the increased illicit activity are the Fey themselves, who are being captured and slaughtered to prepare potions that the Folk believe will cure the Wasting. Making matters worse is the fact that these cures do not work. While a cure has been found, the formula for its preparation was distorted in its word-of-mouth journey halfway around the world from its source.

Be Vigilant. Be Wise. Be Swift.

Insignia of Feywood Ranger Captain
Founding Date
2267CR (5 years ago)
Alternative Names
The Elven Rangers, The Poachers' Bane
Home Location
Fey Haven

Insignia of the Rangers
The Elves are not generally given to decorating themselves with badges of rank, but they understand that Humans pay attention to these things. Therefore, all Rangers wear an embroidered patch over the heart depicting an Oak Tree with a longbow and curved blade crossed before it.

The tree is embroidered in green and brown, the weapons are in black for a Patroller, Silver for a Lieutenant, and Gold for a Captain.

Equipment of a Feywood Ranger
  • Light Pack w/ 2 day food supply
  • Waterskin
  • 2 Quivers, 40 arrows each
  • Longbow
  • Curved Blade
  • Dagger
I tell ya, I don' care what ol' Duncanson offers... there ain' enough gold ta get me back inter those woods! Came on us outta nowhere, th' Elves did... arrows flyin' and blades flashin'... Skewered Anyamarie inter the tree she were standin' aside... Cut down Garrick when 'e reached fer 'is blade... 'e never got a grip on it. I tell ya, I'm blessed ta be talkin' to ya now. An' I'll tell ya too, the Feywood ain' no place fer poachers no more!
— Poacher speaking with another ring member on returning from the Feywood

Insignia assembled from: Shield Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Tree Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
Bow Image by bloodymediocrity from Pixabay
Blade Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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