The Fighter Adventurer

You are what everybody thinks about first when they think about adventurers. You are the brave soul who relies on good, solid steel for both attack and defense when the horrid things of the world are hurtling toward you. You are the one who steps up to take on the enemy with your sword or axe while your armor and shield stave off the blows raining down upon you. You are a Fighter.

You may have many motivations for putting yourself in harms way the way you do. Perhaps it is honor and glory you seek - a chance to be remembered for all time in the tales and songs recounted by the bards. Perhaps it is a bit of greed that drives you - the chance to find great treasures, or to take great treasures away from those who currently have them. Perhaps it is the simple thrill of battle - the excitement of being in peril of your life as you fight of hordes of enemies. Whatever the motive, though, you have been driven to train yourself at arms, to become a weapon yourself. You fight, but you fight with technique and control.

You have as many choices for fighting style available to you as you have motivations. Regardless of the style you choose, and whether you decide to specialize in one or experiment with them all, you are all about tactics, training, and skill at arms.  

Roleplaying the Fighter

Exploring the World
As you move through the world, you are constantly on the lookout for threats -- primarily those threats that have weapons of their own and stand between you and your goals. You know how to rely on your fellow adventurers, though, to support your group efforts. There are (hopefully) other sets of eyes in your group to worry about things like hidden traps and secret passages; your concern is dealing with those responsible for the traps and secrets.

Dealing with Other Folk
If you're in your full battle kit the first time you meet other Folk, they are likely to be a little bit intimidated, but even if you're just sitting in some tavern, you are most likely exuding an air of confidence that marks you as a person of action. The confidence you have in your martial skills wil be evident in almost every situation. You may use that to intimidate or impress, or both, depending on your personality.

When your adventuring party defeats some monster that has been threatening a village, it is likely your name and face that the townsfolk will remember longest as they retell the tales of the adventurers that saved them.

During Combat
You will almost certainly be at the forefront of combat, standing toe to toe with the enemy. As a Fighter, you have several choices open to you as to fighting style, though. You could choose the "sword and board" route, relying on a sturdy longsword or axe in one hand and a stout shield in the other. You could choose a style where that shield is more than just a defensive piece of steel - it is a weapon in its own right. Or perhaps you prefer a more swashbuckling approach, with a quick, light blade in each hand slashing at your foe from two directions. Or you might select the "power fighter" option, putting all your might behind a massive two-handed sword, axe, or battlehammer to smash your enemies. You could even rely more on agility and dexterity than strength, and make use of ranged combat with a good bow or crossbow.

Between Adventures
The first thing you will devote your time to when you find yourself between adventures is the maintenance of your equipment. You rely on your armor and weapons to keep you alive, but to do so they require attention from time to time. Beyond that, while your wizard companions are studying and your cleric companions are praying, you may find yourself in the tavern or village square recounting your adventures. Even this is not idle time, for in every retelling, you have the chance to reconsider your tactics and be even better prepared for the next encounter.


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