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The Forgotten Academy Adventure

Long ago, before the gods went to war and brought the Great Strife to Cartyrion, the most promising students of magical arts were sought out and invited to further their studies in a very special place. This magical university was simply called "The Academy". Its masters and students pursued varied fields of study, attempting to understand the Six Energies that made up the world and everything in it - magical or not.

Some students sought to master innate abilities possessed by virtue of bloodline. Some learned the forms of magical prayers required by the gods to grant abilities. Others sought to learn subtle gestures and sounds with which they could manipulate the invisible energies around them to create magical effects. Still more studied the properties of materials and their interactions with the energies in order to learn how to create powerful effects by mixing the correct agents together.

Some students came to study magic in all its broad applications. Others came to focus study on particular aspects of magical manipulation. Some came with noble purpose in mind, others with selfish or even evil intention. The Academy accepted them all, concerned only that they were teaching "the best".
Date Founded
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Date of Ruin
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Last Headmaster
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Major Buildings
  • Main Hall
  • Dormitory
  • Library
  • Kitchens
  • Underground
  • Lecture Halls and Laboratories
  • Location

    The Forgotten Academy is located in the mountains west of the Orclands, which are themselves just west of the kingdom of Tyrnabay. It is situated on the banks of a river that feeds down from the peaks and feeds into Evermist Lake. The Orcs now call this river, the Weirdflow - a name coined after the carcasses of a few dead creatures - misshapen creatures unlike any that lived in the wilds that the Orcs frequented - were carried downstream. The upper reaches of the river are taboo lands to the Orc clans living along the shores of the lake.

    The Academy was situated in a basin surrounded by the mountains on three sides, with the river on the fourth. Several massive stone structures were erected there, most likely with the aid of the Dwarves from the nearby Waking Delve. These buildings are now ruins, partly because of the passage of over two thousand years since they were occupied, and partly because of whatever catastrophe befell the Academy to cause its demise even before the Great Strife. Despite the years of neglect, though, the buildings are more or less intact - a testament to both Dwarven stone skills and the strength of magical wards placed on the buildings by those who kept the Academy.

    Arriving at the Academy

    Rounding a bend in the river, you suddenly see spread out before you a region covered by trees and undergrowth. Standing majestically tall above the treetops are the spires, towers, and walls of several massive stone buildings. Even from a distance, the place appears to have been long-deserted. Weathered and cracked stone, tendrils of vines and creepers reaching onto the roofs and over walls, and the invasiveness of the forest itself suggest centuries of neglect.

    Above ground, there are four main structures to be explored:
  • the Main Hall
  • the Dormitory Tower
  • the Library Tower
  • the Kitchens
  • Credits

      Side panel dungeon passage image by Evelyn Chai from Pixabay
    Banner image by kalhh from Pixabay


    Author's Notes

    #Dungeon23 Progress:
    Jan 1 - Approaching the Academy (this article)
    Jan 2 - Entry Hall (Main Hall)
    Jan 3 - Gathering Hall (Main Hall)
    Jan 4 - Spangrove's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Jan 5 - Spangrove's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Jan 6 - Main Kitchen (Kitchens)
    Jan 7 - Cellar Corridor (Kitchens)
    Jan 8 - 4 Cellar Rooms (Kitchens)
    Jan 9 - Visitor's Reception (Main Hall)
    Jan 10 - Snertblevin's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Jan 11 - Custodian's Closet (Main Hall)
    Jan 12 - Snertblevin's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Jan 13 - Turret Stairway (Main Hall)
    Jan 14 - Observatory (Main Hall)
    Jan 15 - Headmaster's Office (Main Hall)
    Jan 16 - Headmaster's Study (Main Hall)
    Jan 17 - Headmaster's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Jan 18 - Headmaster's Entry (Main Hall)
    Jan 19 - Dormitory Common Room (Dormitory)
    Jan 20 - Abjurers' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 21 - Alchemists' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 22 - Diviners' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 23 - Enchanters' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 24 - Evokers' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 25 - Illusionists' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 26 - Necromancers' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 27 - Summoners' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 28 - Transmuters' Commons (Dormitory)
    Jan 29 - Dormitory Entrance (Dormitory)
    Jan 30 - Master Adoniel's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Jan 31 - Master Adoniel's Quarters (Main Hall)

    Feb 1 - Master Mastrana's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Feb 2 - Master Mastrana's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Feb 3 - Master Matchatuura Ri Ila Kak's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Feb 4 - Master Matchatuura Ri Ila Kak's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Feb 5 - Master Sinfariel's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Feb 6 - Master Sinfariel's Quarters (Main Hall)

    Feb 7 - Master Greywhisker's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Feb 8 - Master Greywhisker's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Feb 9 - Master Grayson's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Feb 10 - Master Grayson's Quarters (Main Hall)
    Feb 11 - Master Todwinkle's Lecture Room (Main Hall)
    Feb 12 - Master Todwinkle's Quarters (Main Hall)

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