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Wonderful Folk of Spudbarrow! it is with great pleasure that I am here to announce that the Traveling Troupe has returned once more to entertain you all. Prepare yourselves for new wonders, new tales of old times, and what is, by now, old tales of new times! Elannia and I will be performing in the town square later this afternoon, and in the Three Leaves Inn when the sun goes down. Carella's got some new goblin songs for the kids to learn, and Cyldrym will be leading the "Dwarven Tavern Singalong" at the Three Leaves tonight as well. Tomorrow, Mystro's Imaginary Menagerie will astound you all as he fills the town square with the strange beasts of the frozen southlands far beyond the Empty Sea. And old Estramont will have tales to tell of the glorious days long before the Great Strife, including new tales you may never have heard before of your favorite hero, Filibert Hopesinger. We'll be here two days, and we have much to show and share with you! I hope you are ready to be entertained.
— Andreas Highcastle, announcing the arrival of the Traveling Troupe
Whenever the Carriage of Marvelous Wonders rolls into the town square, folks know they are in for a day or two of fantastic entertainment. Twice a year, the painted wagon's appearance heralds the arrival of the Traveling Troupe - a group of talented performers that travel the Feywood bringing news of the outside world, hints of exotic, far-off people and places, and - most of all - a two-day break from the monotony of daily life.


There is no formal structure to this troupe of performers. Whenever a major decision is required, the entire troupe discusses and votes on a course of action. Most of the time, though, the troupe looks toward its founder, Andreas Highcastle, and often Elannia Altuliel as well, for wisdom and guidance.


Every member of the troupe is first and foremost an entertainer. Their main goal in life is to perform for crowds and have those crowds enjoy their efforts.

Public Agenda

If the Traveling Troupe has any agenda at all, it is to bring entertainment... relief from boredom... the proverbial ray of sunshine... into the lives of those who dwell in the villages and towns along their route.


The principle asset of the Traveling Troup is the customized covered wagon that serves as their rolling home away from home as they make their two circuits per year throughout the Feywood. They are on the road, living in the wagon that many now call the Carriage of Marvelous Wonders, for approximately ten months out of each year. This coach, and the four horses that pull it, and the mundane cooking and camping gear that the troupe relies upon to eat and survive while on the road are the only things that are formally group-owned.

The members of the Troupe are responsible for their own performing gear, costumes, musical instruments, and the like, though there are a few larger props that are effectively troupe-owned.


The Traveling Troupe was formed when Andreas Highcastle - an adventuring bard at the time - decided to hang up his Adventurer's boots and take up the life of a traveling musical performer. It was in the winter months of the year 2161CR when he first discussed this with his good friend and fellow performer, Elannia Altuliel, in the Meadow's End tavern where they were both working as performers at the time. As soon as the weather permitted travel, the two began tracking down other performing acquaintances they had made in their earlier lives, and by midsummer of 2162CR, the Troupe had reached the membership it has today. The last addition - Mystro the Illusionist - was added in the Feywood town of Dryad Falls, and it was his idea that the troupe continue to travel the Feywood. The deeper parts of the forest were getting more settled and 'civilized' each year, and the people were badly in need of interesting entertainment and diversions - just the thing for the Traveling Troupe to provide.

And so, using funds that Andreas, Elannia, and several of the others had amassed in their earlier adventuring and performing careers, they purchased and customized the large wagon they would be living in, and set out on the road. They've been traveling the Feywood circuit ever since.

Thank you... thank you one and all! On behalf of Elannia and all the rest, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the welcome you give us every time we roll into your town, and our heartfelt appreciation for giving us the opportunity to bring our songs to your ears, our wonders to your eyes, and our joy to your hearts. We look forward to being back here in seven months time - your Strawberry Festival is a high point that we ourselves look forward to throughout the long winter. Until we return, may your crops and beasts be bountiful, your homes be safe and warm, and your hearts and minds filled with wonder at the beauty of the world. Farewell, until next time.
— Andreas the Bard thanking the crowd at the end of a last performance before moving on.

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