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The WAgency

Every major organization in the world has its secrets - its hidden truths. Some of these truths are more insidious than others. But no organization on Cartyrion is more secretive than the entity simply called "the WAgency". Little is known about them; most do not even know they exist. Some of the secrets they keep are relatively minor in importance - things like "why are both the 'W' and 'A' capitalized in their name?" Others are more profound.

The few in the world who even aware of their existence believe their mission is to gathering and record every scrap of information they can get their hands on: every detail... every secret... right down to the thoughts and dreams of everyone and everything in Cartyrion that has thoughts and dreams. Many rulers, religous and military leaders, merchants, and artisans would love to have access to even a portion of the knowledge at the WAgency's fingertips, but they are extremely cautious about what they allow the Folk of Cartyrion to know.

But the biggest secret they keep is one they will never reveal to Cartyrion's population, for to do so would surely bring disaster. Everyone on Cartyrion, and likely everyone on every world in the multiverse has rhetorically asked the question "Why are we here?".

The WAgency knows.

The Secret of Secrets

There are rumors circulating that some member of the WAgency somewhere once let slip the truth known as the Secret of Secrets, but it was so outlandish that nobody believed it - and most have put it out of their mind entirely. This rumor states that the Secret is...

Cartyrion isn't real. The world and everything in it is made up to provide a place for some omniscient super-beings somewhere in the multiverse to play games or otherwise entertain themselves.

True or not, if this statement were to become public, and worse still believed by the masses, it would be devastating to the psyche of every thinking being on Cartyrion - and perhaps even to the gods... the Astralar themselves. The impact could be best summed up by the conclusion of a brief essay written by Kha'Lagatala, the World Traveler:

The WAgency

7 years ago
"Big D"
"Janet the Raptor"
purported to be millions across the multiverse, though only a handful are active enough to gain attention. Many use codenames to keep their true identities secret.

On Cartyrion, the senior agent is known as "Dinosaur Bob". Dinosaur Bob is rumored to make use of members of the Folk of Cartyrion to gather information from time to time; it is unlikely that even these subordinates are fully aware of the secrets kept by the organization.
The central headquarters are alleged to exist on a world called "Earth" in a region called "Greece". No confirmation of the existence of such a place can be found in any of Cartyrion's records.

Surely the thought of us and our world being figments of the imagination of some super-being is preposterous. Our thoughts and dreams are our own, not the whims and constructs of people sitting around a table. What's next? Telling us that these super-beings throw dice to decide what we'll do next? Or that they like to relax and sit back in a nice, comfy chair with a glass of wine to read about our trials and tribulations? Poppycock!
— Kha'Lagatala the Traveler on the rumor of the WAgency's Secret


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Awesome idea, I'm so glad someone actually went for it.

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Thanks... I couldn't resist! (And I needed an article for the WAgency to support the wrap-up article I'm doing for my Dimi (Big D) Mission! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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