Vylona Gilranor

Trained in the Temple of Twilight Dreams since her early childhood, Vylona Gilranor knew very little beyond the quiet discipline and contemplations of an acolyte of the Temple - until her dreams began to warn of impending danger. Since that time thirty years ago, she has traveled Cartyrion to seek out Half-Elves open to the messages and will of the Two Dreamers. She finds them, trains them extensively in unarmed combat and defense, and sends them into the world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

At first glance, Vylona appears to be a slender, and perhaps even frail young woman, but a more careful examination reveals this to not be the case. Her usual flowing sleeves and loose-fitting robes hide a well-muscled and well-toned body. Watching her move reveals agility and strength. And a deeper look into her eyes reveals a wisdom that only comes from years of experience.

Facial Features

Vylona presents two distinctive facial features typical of almost all Half-elves. Her ears are the long, swept-back, pointed ears suggestive of an Elf, though they are not as long as a full Elf's ears would be. Her eyes are large and almond-shaped; again not as severe as a full Elf's eyes relative to those of a Human. The ice-blue color of those eyes is a hue never seen among Humans.

Special abilities

Vylona's martial training makes her a formidable melee combatant, and her clerical training at the temple has given her the ability to call upon the Alevar goddess Aurelana or the Humanar god Somnion for divine energies to cast spells.

Apparel & Accessories

Vylona is typically dressed in loose-fitting robes made of light, silky material. Loose sleeves end about halfway down the forearm. A Simple white cord of bleached braided cotton forms a belt from which a few small cloth pouches hang. When on the road, a larger, flat leather pouch is also hung from the belt, and a thin but sturdy straight staff of smooth ash is in her hand.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vylona was born to two Half-Elven parents. It has been said that her rare half-elven heritage of having grandparents that represented both male and female of both "pure" races made her particularly susceptible to the favor of the Two Dreamers. When this favor began to manifest at a very young age, her parents decided that the gods had something important in mind for their daughter.

She was brought to the Temple of Twilight Dreams at the age of 5 to began her life and training as an Acolyte. By the age of 15 - five years faster than most her age - she achieved recognition as an Adept and began training the youngest of new acolytes. A the age of 20, she completed the devotions and training needed to achieve recognition as a Priestess. But she remained at the Temple, sheltered from the world.


Vylona's earliest training, beginning at the age of 5, were in formalized martial arts associated with unarmed combat and defense. She has mastered many skills in these areas, learning various stances and forms that took inspiration from nature and the elements. She was extremely dedicated to her studies, and achieved the title of Adept years ahead of others that entered the Temple with her.

As an Adept, she continued her martial training, but also began to train new Acolytes. At the same time, her studies shifted more to the religious. Since entering the Temple, she had been taught about the Alevar and Humanar, but now her studies focused specifically on Aurelana and Somnion and the devotional techniques most effective in ensuring that she would be open to the messages of the Two delivered while she slept. Again, her enthusiasm, dedication, and drive manifest; she was made a Priestess at the age of 20. As a Priestess, she was not not only a formidable opponent in physical combat with or without weapons, but she was also able to seek the divine blessings of the Two in the form of Spellcasting.
Vylona Gilranor

If you do not sleep, you cannot dream. If you do not dream, you cannot learn. If you do not learn, you cannot achieve.
— Vylona Gilranor to her students, on the importance of rest before a trial
Date of Birth
26th day of the Time of Elidia's River, 2108CR
Slightly almond-shaped (as an elf), ice-blue pupils
Pale white, blemishless
5'10" (1.78m)
125lbs (56.7kg)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Halfling
Remember... if you have learned to defend yourself without the benefit of iron plate, and if you have learned to deal with your foes without the benefit of blade or bow, then you are always ready for battle - and you will never be taken by surprise.
— Vylona Gilranor to her students, on the reason for mastering unarmed and unarmored techniques.
Image of Vylona Gilranor courtesy of Bob O'Brien (the author) and Artbreeder

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