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Welcome to the World of Cartyrion - a world of high fantasy adventure. This is a world with deep wilderness waiting to be explored, a world of fallen civilizations hiding secret knowledge lost long ago, a world of kingdoms rife with intrigue. It is a world filled with strange and terrifying creatures waiting to face you. It is a world where those with the knowledge, or inborn talent, can wield magic to do great or terrible things, and even conquer death itself. It is a world of many cultures, Some are old, rigid, and oppressive and some new, liberating, and egalitarian.

But most of all, Cartyrion is a world of potential and promise - a world where brave adventurers can seek their fortunes and their destinies. The characters you create and control can make a difference in Cartyrion. Whether they choose to do so, and how they manage it, is entirely up to you.

If You're a Player...

You will find the iconic fantasy player races and classes, but not everything will be quite the same as you are used to. Cartyrion's unique history has left its mark on the folks who live there, and this is manifest in new descriptions of the races and their sub-cultures.

If You're a Game Master...

...you will find a richly described world in which to base your campaigns. Whether you're running packaged adventures or you're creating your own campaign, you will find plenty of background information on the places your characters will go and the people they will meet. And if you are running officlal Cartyrion adventures, you will find that everything you need is included at your fingertips. Adventures are packaged with a goal of avoiding play delays while rules are looked up in sourcebooks hundreds of pages long.


Author's Notes

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