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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after
A total of 528 entries

Khazadui Wildfire Druids - Kiripaka

Brazillian movies once again topping the ratings

The Louves' Carved Knives

Scots-in-exile; Highlanders

Plantweavers of Yore Forest

Northern Furlancian Iron Badger

Denizens of the City of Lights

The Pirates of Mytilias

Honua First Settlers

Cronnius Imperium

Sailors on the Sea of Jars

Bronze Dragonborn

Humans - Prompt #5 An Ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after

Clothing of the Nambir desert people, the Bicara.

Librarial Tribes: an introduction

The Arosh Neb- The Artisan Class

M'Kang - "Desirable Cultural Exports"

Sølv Fjell Dwarf

Lunarians - Citizens of Isle Lunaria

Det havs levande folket.

Dwarves of the arthorian Mountains

Savai of the Shallow Calms

The Spices Cultivation and Trade from Eshadama {WASC 2021}

Dwarves of the Deepway

Halfing Nomad Tribes of the Far Plains

The people of Ocha'ta

The only export of Eternia, land of Elves

The Strix of Arengold Forest

Fyure Fey - The Fair Folk of Klida By Koraki S. Kanosis

Dwarves of Hemidar

The Resourceful people of Soom-Shida

Ironback Tradesmen

Mo Shen Island People of Trade and Prosperity

Sársau'Nga Ka'Doulè

Otovrast goblins and their mushrooms

Willowbough Halfling

Lost Ukanten Civilization

Ahn-Dathani Clans: Sand and Gold

Cavern-Dwelling Dwarves

The Gallardians: Valensic Arms, Armor, and Implements of Art

The People Of The Graueri

{Demons} Gargoyles

Indigeno di Belenos

The Smiling Tribe

The gnomish community of Mount Comignolo

Vellaria, the State of Strategians

Yurillioni / ex. Dracarii

Kaldari (Ethnicity)

Zokido Shifter carvers

Singlebrook Halflings

The City Of Diamonds: Diamondites

Water Genasi of Stormrock

The Misty Valley Luftkuns

Children of Ichthys

Swartazstainaz Clan/Basalt Dwarves

volcanic wood elves

The Roving Vintners

Nhia-Samri Warrior

Zvaarian Lumberjacks: A Union

Táldaran - Spirit ancestors

Expatriate Gaja-lahks

Dutch ship building

Fariweb Glassblowers

Kymenic of Kymenos

Voxelian Idealist Movement

Trodaí Arrachtaigh

Teiflings of the Scorched Empire

The Aremians, Last to Acceptance

The People of Yu-me

The Martezi Family

The Heroes Behind the Epics

Arachnid Ethnicity and the ideal of perfection

Prompt 5: Zid Valin

The Natives of Persifon

Collectores magicis facultatem Aquæ furtivæ

The Sylphs of Marypaz

The Dynasties at the End of the World - The Farlands

Nezik Province Gnomes

The Wild Elves: Vraji

Alessian Ethnicity

Saumain Masonic Abiski

Lunattes - Ethnicity

Arniqekian culture