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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a famous letter or message
A total of 431 entries

"I still love you"

Dearest Prince Majet

Declaration of transfer of the Holy Seat of Yppwenlas to Estain

Prophesy of Fire and Wind

The Treaty of the Two Sides

The Worldstrider's Letter of Challenge to Zargo Byrne

Letter of Delve and Ilroor

Axsayarad’s Message to the Diakai City States

Lord Carriway's Love Letter to his Paramour

To whoever in charge of the Venztorian Empire...

Deseo de los Padres de Midland

Letter of Sacross

Lost Rebellion Letters

The letter of recognition of the indipendence of the United Kingdoms of Panthea

The Treaty of Thunder Creek

Consular Epistle 27

Imperial Letter of Marquee

Letter to the Princess

Letters of Vetheriss Annexing Felkhath and Norrasjo

A Message to the People of the United States

Erklæring om Rimelig Fordel

Gantos's Charter

Do not boop this snoot!

The Exile of Alucard Bloodrage

The Redcrow Letters

Four Kings’ Kinship

Last letter of Domitari

Final Letter Home by Khiro Arkadian

‘Testament to the Fall’

A Deceleration of Equality

The Charter of Teaching gains more traction

Treaty of Crystopia

A piece of my heart

Invitation to Cyrod's Coronation

Tur'nyso's Bounty

Vènmègra Hu̯lɦ proposes a coastal alliance

The Divine Decree, the Decree of Godhood

DEPART Records: Frale Dust Expedition

Declaration of State

The Bastard Play of Rion

Tocoyricoc Emergency Muster

Humanity's Waking

A letter from Callus Riverwood to Sebastian Moon

The Last Letter of Isadore

Carrier Pigeon Peace Letter

"Champagne Killer" Guillotined After Shocking Confession - Adamant Herald

The Letter That Lost a City

Letter to the Delfir on the Eve of Battle

Letter to Brigadier General Gorfynn Longshot

Barriholm Straits Accord

Ansiedlungserlaubnis in Kleintan für dort tätige Holzfäller

The Refounding Documents

The Prophecy of Seven

A response to first contact

Third Wesmodian Invective

High Chancellor Milim's Letter of Resignation

'Fox Underfoot' Letter

The Old World Sirens

Liebesbriefe des Thórînbad Tîrelias

Renouncement of Imperial Authority

The Great Szor-rek Missive Fraud

The Imperial Reply to Lysion De Fleury

Bogmire's Resignation

The Dark Smith's Missive

The Star Light Letter

Elric's Request for Aid

Posthumous Letter of Hope and Sorrow

Acceptance of the Title of King of kings of the Abadian islands

A Parting of Ways, Earth

The Sarkoris Calling

The Abalindi Beholo‌ Prophecy

Readers Response to the Tail Argument

The Readiness Proclamation of 58040

The Founding of Ashamaal

The Letters of Phalia

Loxira Incident Report

Imperial Heritage Crystal

The decree of independent freedom for all

The Raman Royalty Reception

'Two Parts Of A Whole'

An Invitation to the Queen's Tea Party

Declaration of Federation of Aegroran Nations

'DeepGleam's Promise for Help'

The Red Dragon's Message

Articles of Settlement

The Revolution Speech

Captain's Letter to Cordelia

The Sanderstone Speach

Spider's letter down

The Sinarean Dispatch

Manifesto for the burning of morals

The Message of Cher Ami

The Hanged Man's Journal

Cease and Desist Broadcast

Accord of the Tribes

The Threat of Endless Fires

Prompt #19 a famous letter or message – Book of Prophecies -Words from the Oracles of Adamos

Bhat Jahnhassan's final letter.

Supplies and Logistics

The Unfinished Adventure

Declaration of the Dragon's Downfall

Last will of Rìgh

Vereinigungsurkunde des Imperiums Tellura

Letter from The Awakened

The Elven-Orcish Treaty

Valerian's Last Letter

Human Declaration of War Upon Bloodkeepers

Sirideán Society Manifesto

The Nalachi Warning

Recongization of Oneg

Twelvefold Blessings

The Iseld Missive

'Have you Held a Sword Today' Pamphlets

The Aarchalia Ledger

Calth Frankenstein's Proclamation of Immunity

Remember This Night

Corporate Directive XiV

"Ralküt" by Erika Lientzen

The last letter from Gradneir, the Mage of the King

The Uskaran-Nuzro agreement

"I am going to shove my serrated spear up your a** and make you beg me to twist it" - A Holy Declaration of War

A Plea by First General Lucan Schneefall

Last Will and Testament of Greggor Goodpurse Goldlip XIV

Letter to Sufjian Madjara

Declaration of the Covenant of the Deep

The Respondance of the Storm Sultan's Declaration of War

The Treaty of Delas

The Interference Proclamation

Sacred Souls Doctrine

Letter from Shtiya gifting Kornarak

The Letter of Rejection by Shaqirelle Xanratra

A Bazaar Invitation

A message to Roselle

Final Communique from Queen Myra's Lost Love

Founding of Stellify

Threat from the Monarch of Dusk

The Original 'Instructional Cypher' Version 12am

The Ambassadorial Treaty of the Trilinian Fairy Council {WASC 2021}

The Babbling Trees

The Efferian Declaration of Secession

Mandaru's Proclamation

Declaration of National Freedom of Aeirland

"We Are One Island"

Prince Aegic's Letter To King Alric II

Demands of the E.P.G.

Lord Isah's Covenants

Letter From a Heretic

The Unread Message

Mayor McMunch’s Musings on the Matter of Goodwives Goody, Gumdrops, and Two-Shoes

A letter from a princess

The Command of Hersilia

The First Greeting of Manorossa

Manifesto of the Lost Tome

Kung Croydons Testamente

Vo's Letter of Departure

The Goblin Declaration of Freedom

Narokki Werukeya's Will

The Fifth of Neivur Public Address

Assasination as Prelude to the Bloody Summer

Francis Conradin's Plea

The Overlord's declaration to the Hierarch

The Letters That Ended A War

Proclamation d'allégeance Dokesh

The Statute of Kazalot

The Message of Independence

King Lykan's Response to the Attempt on His Life

A Declaration of Independence

Petition to the Government

Kronia Academy for Hunters

The discovery of Hi ralgü

Deadland Mages College Brochure

The Agreement of the First Cartographers

Letter of a Soldier

Proclamation of Returning

Exploration Entry 130: A Discovery of Unicorns

The Message At The Pillar Of Determination

Imperial Fae exclusion law

Leader off Balance - Letter #40

Notice for Emperor Leoven

The Greetings from the West

The Melding of Families

Tsiki Decree of Pacifism

Non-agression pact between the Calamor Empire and the Dominion of the Hobgoblin

Kibhana's Rest Stela

Setaik Bark Inscription

The Letter of Chief Pua

Prophezeiung des Ǎtichfa

Iperius’ Letter of Capitulation

The Desperate Request of StreamCrossing

Instructions on the Construction of Golems, by Golems

Free Aphelia Broadcast

Endalion's Vision, from the 'Letters to Ibrina' Collection

To My Beloved Viktor

A Celestial's Apology to Humanity's Children

Letter from Digthos Graves to Vesilia the Carver

Letter to Sharamph Shuftharz

The Saironnar's Reply

Prompt 19: The Quest of Freedom

Forbidden FIle Dated 12-30-2014

The Keramin Carving

Earthhardle's Avernal Defiance Speech

Declaration of the Crystal Convenant Concord

Declaration of War Against the Mad Queen

The Bragend Declaration

"A Message to the King"

The United Commonwealth Charter, or, the Greencastle Accords

The Christians are Coming

The Addressing of Peace

A Mother's Only Keepsake: The Ghost of Auldamblin Tor

The Devil’s Simulare

King Douhhsúl's Declaration

Ozari Declaration of War

Isora's offer of Assistance to Glerigh

An Age of Restoration

League of Guardians Commitment to Protect All Sapient Species

The Zvaarian Testimony

Tarran League Proclamation

Emperor Prince's Letters

The Blackmoss Invitations

Constitution of 2093

Royal Gift Letter

The Summonings of Darcanis

An invitation to my death

First Treaty of Kirma

An Exhortation to Wadoona

The Bastion's Missive

Notas sobre la Perversión Cetrina

Yoganishi's Oath

The First Clause

A letter describing the Seventh World of Grista

The Ancestor Accord :Indera's legacy

The Pronouncement of Orthodoxy

Ruined Journal of Tanthalas Aerabor

Farewell Letter of Miron Canmore

Third Cohort letter of termination

Letters from Faerieland

The Locked Scroll of the First Floor

Letter to Victoria, queen of England

Fragments of the Ash

Bündniss der ersten Dämoneninvasion

Supreme Decree of Blood Decay

A Letter from Emperor Danzhe to Empress Consort Zheng.

Transcripción de la intervención de Lyudmila Serikov.

The Invictus' Last Cry

The Hargrove Letters

Tablet of Mummu's gift

The Islana Conflict Memo - By Tarnink

Hell Week Timeshare Contract

Formation of the Calderian Empire

Letter To The Symposium

To the Merchants of Slaves

Diary Entry: My Last Words

The terms of surrender to Prince Leovigild Reinthofen

Declaration of Wyrwood Independence

The use of magic is prohibited

Miranda Waley's Prelude to War

Die Chroniken der Ära der Drachen

The Declaration on Helotry

Call to Settle the Valley

An unfortunate letter to Marria

Offene Erklärung an die Okkultisten

The Final Words of King Sevren-Odd

Barxim and Melion's Journals

The Revolutionary Proclamation

An Invitation Wrapped In Chains

The 86th Page to Princess Selena WillowDroves Diary

The Paths are Closed

The Proclamation of the Independence and Sovereignty of the Martial Colonies

Codice de Magickium versa Educatius {To Codify Magical Educational Laws} an open letter

El Fin de la época octava

The Captain Chas Dunhilling Scandal

Collected Declaration of Independence

Erste Kundgebung der Roten Sonne

The Last Announcement

The Elvenpass Declaration of Independence

The Advocate's Folley

Till dom som kommer efter.

Diplomatic Document σ-τ-α

The Letter From Beyond the Edge of the World

Epnari Declaration of Folly

Saion Rune Tablet

Merias politisches Testament

There's Always a But

The Call to Unification

Arvernfel Note of Secession

The Corruption of the Atropina Belladon

Mulsi Sternhunter's Surrender

First contact message

Scrolls on the History of Merek Bas

First Book of Predictions

The New Mithambian Constitution

The Dragon's Declaration

The Voidchaser Dispatch

The Authority wants YOU!

Bermudian Declaration of Sovereignty

The Drifter's Claim

The Curious Case of Captain Ziegler's Mystery Sweetheart

Famosa lettera d'amore tra un re e una regina