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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a renowned pirate, highwayman or other criminal
A total of 423 entries

The Red Raven & The Raven Vanguard

Gerard Dunheuvelin: Saint-Slayer and Rebel Leader

MyrGat, Scion of the Dead Undeath

Riley MacAllister, the River Rat

Halbert 'Handsome Hal' Currington

Elewyn Kanosis: One Grain to Tip the Scales - By Koraki Kanosis

Xavier Courbet, The Red Raven

Prompt 22: The Sapphire Queen

The Pirate Duchess Trilana

Edrian Tait, "The Red Raideress"

Derek Frankton Longhurst III

The Jaguar, Pet Assassin and Traitor - Prompts #22 a renowned pirate, highwayman, criminal –

Syralth, the Sapphire of the Silver Sea

Oleara Manis, Der Säbel der Wüste

Agnes the Skull collector

Vaneda Ubi-Nowa, the Screaming Storm

Garnat Windjammer, the Scourge Himself

Trista "The Chaos Madan" Bjorklund

Fitz "Captain Shatterback" Barley

Ghuinaen Pulaskisdatter Borgskore

Bloodbreath, King of the Cauldron

Vægatien, Artist of the People

"Taxman" Bartholomew Roberts.

Corrac Lerim, der blutige Haken

An Unpleasant Fella - Alexander Sheridan

Teko Ewetia, Raatora: Wlitowa's Fool

The Storm Thief, a pirate without a ship

Pedro María Ñancúpel Alarcón

Agnes Albicio Albergotti "The Dom"

Kalvarian, the Outlaw of Tornn