Settling the Frontier Lands

This timeline lists the major events related to the Folk moving back into the Feywood after the Great Strife.

  • 1 CR

    1 New Year's Day

    The Common Era Begins

    The Dark Gods have been defeated and imprisoned. The long years of the Great Strife are finally ended, and the Folk can look to rebuilding.

  • 78 CR

    1 New Year's Day

    The Free City of Endmere is Established

    After 78 years of rebuilding amid the ruins of the once great port city, the City of Endmere once more declares itself restored - and independent of any kingdom to the west. The Four Families are established by charter as the Ruling Council.

  • 243 CR

    17 The Time of Chitsone's Diamond

    Free Cities Compact Signed
    Political event

    On this day, the Free Cities Compact was signed in Endmere. This treaty declared that the Cities of Endmere, Icefell, Seagate, and Seaguard would ever remain free and independent of any foreign kingdom, and would provide for mutual defense if the need ever arose.

  • 1854 CR

    9 The Time of Twixxil's Lenses

    Four Rivers Founded

    The settlers from Endmere and Oakwood and iron traders braving the mountains to reach the Iron Hills Delve deciide their permanent encampment at the confluence of the rivers from the Iron Mountains is worthy of being called a village. The first mayor and Elder Council is chosen.

  • 1878 CR

    The Folk Re-enter the Feywood

    The Folk begin to enter, explore, and settle within the post-Strife borders of the Feywood itself.

  • 1882 CR

    18 The Time of Thirar's Carrack

    Laketon Founded

    The village of Laketon declared itself on this day. Established on the shores of the huge Feywood Lake, this village was the first to be founded within the new borders of the Feywood as it existed after the Great Strife.

  • 1973 CR

    27 The Time of Enfindiel's Diadem

    Dryad's Falls is Founded

    The early pioneers into the Feywood south of Laketon meet to elect their first Town Elders and Mayor. The village of Dryad's Falls is thus established.

  • 1979 CR

    1 Midyear's Day

    Karnstown is Founded

    Jasric Karn, returns to the shores of the huge lake he "discovered" deep in the Feywood. He names the Lake after himself, lays claim to a square mile of land on its shores, and establishes the village of Karnstown. He happily rents lands out to the many settlers he attracts with stories of bountiful fishing and excellent farming.

  • 2011 CR

    12 The Time of Filibert's Flagon

    Lakeside Inn Established
    Construction beginning/end

    The Lakeside Inn, so named because it overlooked the shores of Spirit Lake, opened its doors to travelers on the road between Karnstown and Dryad's Falls. The original Inn burned down in 2024; the Roadhead Inn was erected in its place a year later.

  • 2018 CR

    15 The Time of V'nbaarrgh's Axe

    Spirit Lake Founded

    On this day, the Village of Spirit Lake selected its first Council of Elders and Mayor, thus establishing itself as a Village in the Feywood.

  • 2046 CR

    6 The Time of Thirar's Carrack

    Feybridge Crossing is Founded

    Settlers originally from Dryad's Falls follow the river upstream deeper into the Feywood. At the place where two smaller streams join to form the flow that runs past Dryad's Falls on the way to Spirit Lake, they establish a new settlement and elect a Mayor. The town is named for the two bridges that are built to traverse the smaller streams.

  • 2051 CR

    24 The Time of Caleran's Crown

    Spudbarrow is Founded

    A group of halflings, wishing for a freer and more rural life than the rapidly growing Karnstown could provide, leave the lakeshore and establish a farming community in a hilly region to the east. They name their settlement after both the hills in which they dig their homes and the crops that they plant both for their own needs and to earn some money feeding the Karnstowners.

  • 2120 CR

    5 The Time of Taralaza's Scepter

    Stannilode is Founded

    The Karnstown Mining Cooperative declares that the tin mining operation they control west of Karnstown is now to be considered the Village of Stannilode. The Cooperative continues to maintain complete control over the property and residents.

  • 2121 CR

    12 The Time of Chitsone's Diamond

    Ferrilode is Established

    The Karnstown Mining Cooperative declares that the iron mining operation they control west of Karnstown is now to be considered the Village of Ferriilode. The Cooperative continues to maintain complete control over the property and residents.

  • 2140 CR

    20 The Time of Goldhorn's Talisman

    Crystal Rock is Established

    In an effort to attract more residents - and hopefully more trade, business, and money - the failing mining camp in the foothills of the Teeth of the Sea to the southeast of Feybridge Crossing reorganizes itself and declares the Village of Crystal Rock to be established.

  • 2148 CR

    1 The Time of Chitsone's Diamond

    Bugbear's Head Inn Establishehd
    Construction beginning/end

    Theodric and Branwyne Pinnman, along with their dwarven and gnomish friends return to the stream where Theodric had rescued Daphinia the Naiad from a bugbear attack two years before. They establish the Bugbear's Head Inn on the trade road that has been established to connect Feybridge Crossing to the east with Karnstown to the west.

  • 2171 CR

    New Year's Day

    The Adventures Begin!

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