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You might have been a member of a loose-knit gang, or a tightly run guild, but your "business" was outside of the law. Every transaction you conducted carried the risk of discovery, capture, and punishment. Perhaps you shook down business owners for protection money, or routinely robbed warehouses. You may have been involved in black market or smuggling operations. Or perhaps you worked alone as a cat burglar. Regardless of the specifics, yours was a life of crime.



There are no hard qualifications for being a criminal, other than a certain mindset. You may have ended up as some sort of enforcer, or crime boss bodyguard because of your great strength. Perhaps your nimble fingers made you a natural at picking locks. Your silver tongue may have enabled you to charm officials into looking the other way, or gullible "customers" into parting with their money in return for nothing of value.

Career Progression

Adventuring as a Rogue is not so much career progression as it is career continuation. This option is a natural, whether you choose to be a ruffian, scoundrel, or sneak-thief.

But perhaps you wish to leave your life of crime behind. In that case, take stock of your attributes and abilities, and select any other adventuring class. All are open to you. If you truly wish to repent, consider becoming a cleric or monk. If you wish to fight for the poor folk that you wronged in the past, fighter or champion may be for you. Many blessed with agility and dexterity find the life of a Ranger to be rejuvenating. Some explore innate magical leanings. Whatever you choose, you hope it carries you far from your past.


Social Status

The best description for the social status of a Criminal in general society is "bottom of the barrel". Few are lower in standing. But this does not mean you did not garner respect. If you were a part of any organized gang or guild, you may well have commanded enough fear to be able to rise to some high pseudo-status within society. This was also possible if you were never discovered to be beyond the law. But once you are discovered, and made to pay for some crime you committed, you will likely be forever marked within that town, city, or even culture. Leaving and starting over far away may be the only option.

Alternate Names

Street Thug
Embezzler, Burglar, or any other name linking you to your crime.


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