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Downtime between sessions is usually left for player bookkeeping and maintenance activities like cleaning up the character sheet: reorganizing newly acquired loot in the Possessions table, switching equipment in and out of Inventory, and - when the opportunitie arises - leveling up. Shopping for new equipment is another popular activity. In Laurels & Loot, though, Downtime is also a time for character development. Training for new specialties and even earning a little extra cash using those specialties - and gaining experience points for doing so - are also possible.

Passage of Time

In general, it is highly desirable to consider that the passage of time in-game during downtime is equal to the passage of time in our world between gameplay sessions. If your gaming group meets once per week, then the downtime between sessions encompasses a week of time passing in the game world. This presumes, though, that characters will spend downtime in a Safe Environment.

If the realities of scheduling your game sessions make it impossible to end a session in a Safe Environment, this approach doesn't work. It is not practical to presume that a party of adventurers will hole up in a dungeon room for a week or two, consuming rations and not attracting the attention of any dungeon denizens, just because a game session had to end before the party could get home. In these cases, it is recommended that passage of game time simply freezes - or is at least limited to a very brief rest period. If your gaming group is so inclined, that rest period could include conversations and other minor game activity adjudicated via some form of social media (emails, message apps, etc.)

Training and Acquiring New Specialties

Earning Additional Coin

Leveling Up

Going Shopping


The Laurels and Loot Rule System is published by Bob O'Brien
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Laurels and Loot Rules are derived in part from the following sources:
Knave 2.0 TTRPG System Rules published by Ben Milton
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(Creative Commons 4.0 International License)

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