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#Dungeon23 in Cartyrion

a mega-dungeon project for the #Dungeon23 Challenge

So... What is #Dungeon23?

It's a challenge devised by Sean McCoy - a challenge to create a mega-dungeon during 2023 by writing the description of one dungeon room per day... every day... all year long.
There are lots of ways to organize this challenge. Sean's first posts suggested one small level per week, resulting in a 52-level dungeon! The suggestion to go for twelve levels (one per month) seems to be more popular. But the only real "requirement" of the challenge is to end up with 365 (or more) rooms!

OK... so what's a room? In a traditional dungeon, a room is what it sounds like. There's at least one entrance... probably a door of some kind... and inside there are things to explore, loot to find, traps to spring, monsters to defeat, non-player characters to interact with, or any or all of these at once! Or it could be empty! (But is it really empty? Explore it! Find out!)

"Room" for this challenge could be something else entirely. Perhaps you're building a city - one building per day! Perhaps you're focusing on a wilderness area, a "room" could be a meadow, a section of swamp, a shallow cave, the area around the dryad's oak tree, or whatever. However you envision "room", it's a container for a specific encounter. (And again, that encounter could be "You see nothing!")

Meeting the Challenge in Cartyrion

This challenge offers me an opportunity to open up a new area in Cartyrion - far from the Feywood... far from the Kingdoms... It's an opportunity to start fleshing out a whole new region of the world, and explore some ancient history at the same time. I will be creating The Forgotten Academy, a complex of buildings - and of course, underground spaces - that long ago was dedicated to the study of the magical arts.
In its heyday, the most adept students from around the world were selected to master their crafts in the Academy, but something happened long ago - shortly before the Great Strife - that brought ruin to the Academy. During the tumult of the god-war, knowledge that the Academy ever existed seemed to have disappeared entirely. But the ruins are still there, and have recently been rediscovered.


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