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Fangwood Jungle

The lands to the south of the Kingdom of Tyrnabay and the Waking Delve of the Dwarves is largely unexplored and uninhabited. These lands, surround the peaks called the Grimstones, which are homes to both giantkin and many of the remaining great dragons in the world. The broad Serpent River descends from the Grimstones and runs east to the Great Sea, splitting the deep forests in two. North of the river, and nearest to the kingdom and Delve is the deep and hazardous forest called the Dwarfwood by all except the Dwarves themselves - who usually dare not enter this forest. But far more deadly is the jungle south of the river - the wild lands called the Fangwood Jungle.


The Fangwood consists of dense, trackless semi-tropical and tropical rainforest. An almost unbroken canopy of tall trees extends from the foothills of the Grimstone Peaks to the shores of the Great Sea. Only at the southernmost tip of the landmass does a rocky promontory keep the trees from reaching down to the beach itself. The land is hilly near the peaks, but settles into relatively level ground eastward toward the sea.

The low, flat ground results in relatively poor drainage for the copious amounts of rainfall the region receives, and as a result, there are many inundated, swampy areas within the jungles.

Fangwood Jungle

Alternative Names
Lizard's Lair
Wenu-wenu Forest (by the Kobolds of the Grimstones)
Claimed By
Kingdom of Tyrnabay
Kingdom of Wenu-wenu
Land's End


The dominant flora are the tall hardwood trees that form the continous canopy that reaches between 100 to 200ft (30 to 60m) above ground level in a continuous blanket from the Grimstones to the sea. This canopy is quite thick; in many places the sunlight that reaches the ground is so little as to suggest a permanent twilight environment.

The significant understory growth has had to adapt to this lack of sunlight; many species have done so by becoming carnivorous.


The Fangwood is home to bird species of all types, ranging from small songbirds to larger carnivores and scavengers. A variety of exotic fur-bearing creatures can be found as well; mostly smaller varieties. Insects abound, including several types with poisonous stings.

Reptilian fauna dominates the jungle, and includes a number of apex predators, including giant constricting snakes and the much-feared pack-hunting The Dracowolf. Many of the smaller lizards have poisonous bites.

Territorial Claims

Though largely uninhabited, the Fangwood Jungle is contested territory. The Kingdom of Tyrnabay claims it, and has backed those claims by establishing two ports along the coast. The city of Land's End is found at the rocky promontory at the southernmost reaches of the jungle; the city of Shadehaven sits astride the mouth of the Serpent River.

The Kobolds living in the Grimstone Peaks, however, claim that their Kingdom of Wenu-wenu extends to the sea and encompasses the jungles. Few nations on Cartyrion even recognize the existence of this kingdom, though, and the Kobolds do little to press their claims (other than to complain loudly and bitterly when given the opportunity to do so.)


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What a great article. I really like the jungle environment here and love the names you chose, especially the Grimstone Peaks. I wonder how Fangwood got its name and what secrets it holds in its dark interior.

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Meet the Dracowolf and it's "Dire" cousins! (And yes... these are the velociraptors of my world!)   Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the article. It's always great to know that somebody else is reading and enjoying this stuff!

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