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An adventurer needs more than armor and weapons in order to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Exploration may call for special equipment, but Just getting by from day to day requires various gear as well. As Adventurers progress through their hopefully long careers, they will amass a variety of gear to aid them in their efforts. Some is general purpose, and some is quite specialized. Some was obtained from a prior profession, some acquired as loot during adventures, and some purchased using other wealth discovered while adventuring.

The Basic Adventurer's Kit

To make things easier to get started with a new Player Character, it is assumed that anyone deciding to leave a former career or lifestyle behind has gathered up some basic essentials to launch them on their new adventuring track. This basic kit consists of the following items, which every new Player Character is assumed to possess (and which should therefore be recorded in the Possessions table on the Character Sheet):
  • Adventurer's Clothing (durable and comfortable)
  • Commoner's Clothing (a spare set just in case)
  • Belt pouch, cloth (for coins... or sling bullets)
  • Backpack (for carrying all this gear)
  • Bedroll (sleeping under the stars)
  • Tinderbox (includes a Flint & Steel)
  • Wooden bowl and Spoon (for those campfire stews)
  • Belt Knife w/ Sheath (the Adventurer's "multi-tool")
  • Waterskin (always hydrate!)
  • 25' (7.5m) coil of hemp rope (always useful)
  • Bundle of 10 Candles (to shed a little light)
  • Chalk (10 pieces) (to mark the way)
  • Small canvas sack (for carrying all that loot!)
  • Bundle of 5 torch brands (to shed more light)
  • Flask of oil (blade honing, torch-burning, and more)
  • Signal Whistle (for emergencies)

  • Specialized Toolkits

    A number of specialized toolkits exist that allow Adventurers to perform certain activities more successfully, and to attempt others that are simply not possible without the correct gear. These toolkits are associated with various professions; a player character may bring one to their adventuring from their prior employment. Alternatively, new skills can be learned in between adventures, and the necessary equipment purchased. (Most require an Acquired Specialty to use.) Some of these toolkits are too bulky to bring in a backpack on an adventure, and are designed to be set up in a relatively permanent base. Others are invaluable when out in the wilderness.

    The following toolkits provide abilities and game bonuses when used:

    Complete List of Non-Magical Items

    Following is a complete, alphabetical list of all nonmagical items that can be obtained in game. (Click on an item name for complete information on that item.)


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