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Georji Amaricson

The son of the well-beloved village elder, Amaric Duncanson, Georji Amaricson expects someday to take over the family business. Given that, one would expect Georji to spend a fair amount of time around the General Store helping out and learning the trade, but Georji likes nice things, and his father doesn't pay the staff enough for his liking. So while Georji does lend a hand around the store from time to time, his main job is one that pays him pretty well: he is in charge of the tavern operations at Gimna's Palace.

With the Palace's owner, Snifikwart Mavabroop essentially a no-show owner - even when he's on the premises, it is up to Georji and Snifikwart's nephew Beennabrop Mavabroop to run the palace. Beenabrop oversees the games while Georji oversees the tavern operations. He is often found behind the bar in the Palace during afternoons and evenings.

Bartender, croupier
Current Location
Date of Birth
18 Time of Aanarakka's Staff, 2143CR


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