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Gerald Hallam

Gerald Hallam is the half-elven proprietor of Taste of the North, a boutique shop in the village of Spirit Lake that specializes in finer fashions for males and females of various ancestries.

Gerald is particularly proud of the fact that he keeps his offerings current - in tune with the latest fashions of major cultural centers like Endmere far to the north (though the time taken for news and goods to travel from that city mean that he is often about a year behind the most recent fashion trends. His tastes definitely run toward following the fashions of the Free Cities and the Kingdoms to the west. He considers any "fashion ideas" coming out of Karnstown as crude, frontier rags.

Human (Half-Elf)
Shop proprietor
Current Location
Date of Birth
30 Time of Thirar's Carrack, 2093CR
Current Residence
Ruled Locations

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