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Gremlins of Cartyrion

Gremlins are the product of Corizzea's hatred for Berdea. Not powerful enough to create children of his own on Cartyrion, he had to settle for corrupting some of the Fey that Berdea had Awakened. These horrid caricatures of what they once were remember their early life as Nymphs, but their corruption now causes them to despise all that they once were.


Each species of gremlin represents a transformation of a particular species of nymph, and every species of nymph has its corresponding gremlin counterpart. Though forms have been physically altered in their corrupt transformations, there are always some similarities in physical characteristics - at least as far as general size is concerned. Most also have similar abilities to call upon the magic of the Six Energies, though the purposes for which they use magic, and the forms the magical energies take, are quite different.


Gremlins can be found wherever nymphs can be found - and that means essentially everywhere on Cartyrion. Gremlin species almost always prefer the same type of living environment as do the nymphs from which they were transformed. Adventurers have learned, therefore, that sightings of particular types of nymphs in a given area is a good indicator as to the nature of potential gremlin threats nearby.

Interaction with Nymphs

Gremlins remember the friendships they once had among other nymphs, and most seem to maintain at least a sliver of respect for those friendships. While it is not uncommon for a gremlin to tease, taunt, or play tricks upon the nymphs that they once called friends, it is extremely rare that they will actually do harm to their former companions.

For their part, nymph treatment of gremlins varies. Some nymphs simply ignore the gremlins. Others try to act as if nothing has changed, and a particular gremlin is still a friend. Brownies are notorious for this attitude. Most feel sorry for the gremlins, knowing that they once were able to enjoy the wonderful world around them, but no longer can.

Interaction with the Folk

Gremlin attitude toward the Folk is considerably more malicious. It is almost as if take out their frustrations and vent their hatred for the world and their position in it whenver the opportunity to deal with one of the Folk arises. Gremlins have a particular hatred of anyone with Elven blood, as these other children of Berdea are even stronger reminders of their past lives.

The less scrupulous among the folk, though, will occasionally form working associations with nearby gremlins if not actual friendships. Gremlins appreciate deviousness, and if one of the Folk is plotting against their own kind, a gremlin will be more than happy to get in on the action.

Gremlins (Alphabetically)

  • Blodewedd
  • Cave Hag (Annis, Night Hag)
  • Culdewen
  • Darklurker
  • Froststalker
  • Frost Hag
  • Green Hag
  • Grimple
  • Grimstalker
  • Gurgle
  • Haniver
  • Housebane
  • Ice Hag
  • Jinkin
  • Leatherwing
  • Lurker in Light
  • Mitflit
  • Nuglub
  • Pugwumpi
  • Pukwudgie
  • Redcap
  • River Hag
  • Rock Hag
  • Rusalka
  • Screeslider
  • Sea Hag
  • Shopbane
  • Stygira
  • Tree Hag
  • Tumbler
  • Twigjack
  • WIll-o'-wisp
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