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Kha'Lagatala, World Traveler

Our world is what you make of it. There are wonders to see -- if you wish. There are places to go and people to meet -- if you wish. There are treasures to seek -- if you wish. Many folk wish for nothing more than a good night at the tavern. For my part, I wish for all these things, and many more.
— Kha'Lagatala - excerpt from foreward of "Khala's Guide to Cartyrion"
Cartyrion is a rich and varied world filled with natural wonders, fascinating folk, and of course, terrifying monsters as well. Most of the Folk never get an opportunity to experience very much of it. Their home village, and perhaps the lands reachable on foot within a day or two is all that many experience, and that is enough for them. But there are some Folk who yearn to see more of what the world has to offer.

They wish to meet different Folk from differnt corners of the world. They wish to experience different cultures, try different foods, and hear different songs. They wish to see the wonders wrought by the gods when they shaped the world. They wish to discover and explore places lost to current memory. Many become Adventurers because of this desire, and for these, it is the experience rather than the monetary rewards that keep them adventuring. One such person is Kha'Lagatala of the Taxlatl Folk.

Early Life

Kha'lagatala, whose namee roughly translates from the Taxlatl into Commonspeech as "I Shall Understand", or "I Shall Know", was born in the city of Taxl kat Kalakhrassa, a settlement built after the fall of the Taxlatl's Second Civilization during the Great Strife.

From an early age, Kha'la, as she was known to her family and friends, showed an exceptional curiosity about the world. As she came to learn about far-off places like mountaintop cities full of birdfolk, and other mountains carved hollow by the duagan folk that dwelled within, she decided that someday, she would see these places for herself. She would see for herself what "snow" really looked and felt like, and whether it was as cold as some tales suggested. She would visit the forests and cities. She would sail upon the oceans of the world. When she would tell her family of these plans, they simply smiled quietly. Many of her friends laughed at these dreams, but some were encouraging.

On her sixteenth birthday, the day on which she attained the age of adulthood in the culture of her people, her parents gifted her with a large, leatherbound book filled with blank pages. "A journal for recording your adventures," she was told. This was the way her parents had chosen to tell her that they supporter her in the pursuit of her dreams. A week later, she left Taxl gra Akhrassa.
Khala the Traveler
Also Known As
Khala the Traveler
Kha'la, or just Khala
Date of Birth
06 Time of Twixxil's Lenses, 2203CR
Place of Birth
Taxl kat Kalakhrassa
Current Residence
City of Endmere


In the fifty-two years since she left her home, Kha'Lagata has checked off a considerable number of places and things on her "bucket list" of travel destinations. She has visited every active Delve of the Duagan folk. She spent three years alone in the city of Baron's Point and its nearby environs. She has visited the Awkwana home city of Kaal Ruk, the Alev Firsthome, and the Human's Awakening city of Elderkeep.

Her most recent journey took her to the region the people of the Human Kingdoms call "the frontier lands". Landing at the Awkwana port of Krak Glaaruk, she made her way through the wilds of the marshes to visit the Lonely Delve (the last on her list of Duagan strongholds to visit). She then returned north to the Feywood. She spent two years wandering around the forest and visiting its settlements: Alev, Human, and Halfling. She even visited the tiny Taxlatl village in the Feywood Fens and spent two months unsuccessfully searching for an ancient lost city of her people. Finally, she made her way north, ultimately reaching the Free City of Endmere. She has resided there for the past seven years as she has begun to publish accounts of the places she has been and things she has seen.


To date, Kha'Lagatala has published several "Traveler's Guide" works, all under the pen-name Khala the Traveler. These include:
  • The Traveler's Guide to Baron's Point
  • The Traveler's Guide to the Awkwana Homelands
  • The Traveler's Guide to Tyrnabay
  • The Traveler's Guide to the Inner Sea Kingdoms

  • Her current work in progress is titled, "The Traveler's Guide to the Feywood". Her ultimate dream is to combine these works, plus one or two more as yet unwritten, into one master volume called "The Traveler's Guide to Cartyrion".


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    Author's Notes

    Kha'Lagatala, or more precisely, Khala the Traveler, is the "in world" character that will be used to introduce many (if not all) of the entries that will be included in the "Feywood" campaign setting sourcebook which I am planning on publishing. Excerpts from her "Traveler's Guide to the Feywood" will be included as part of the descriptions of the settlements, ruins, other places of interest. unique creatures, customs and celebrations, important NPCs, etc.

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