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Snifikwart Mavabroop's Bet and Spin Machine

The first sound that strikes the ears of those entering Gimna's Palace in the village of Spirit Lake is the mechanical whirring and whizzing of the machines that line the walls of the casino and decorate the tables of the tavern. Occasionally, this is accompanied by the sound of clinking coins and a celebratory shout from the patron sitting or standing at the machine. Other times, the sounds from the patrons include pleading and grumbling. These patrons are gambling their coins with Snifikwart Mavagroop's Bet and Spin Machines.

The machine is a box with a glass front with a row of "pull-stops" across the top. On top, there is a slot large enough to accomodate a gold, silver, or copper coin, and a huge red button. To play, the patron selects a number between one and eight to bet on, and pulls the stop associated with that number. A coin is then deposited into the machine and the button depressed. This causes three wheels - visible behind the glass - to start spinning. These wheels are divided into eight segments each, numbered one to eight. They spin for a random amount of time before coming to rest. If one or more wheels comes to rest with the desired number selected, the patron wins. Winning numbers are indicated by the gold triangular pointer in the center of the machine.

If only one of the three wheels matches the patron's bet, a payout of 1 coin of the type deposited is dropped into a catch tray at the bottom of the machine to be retrieved by the player. If two of the three wheels match, 7 coins are dropped into the catch tray, and if all three should happen to match, a jackpot payout of 200 coins is awarded,

Each machine is marked to identify which type of coin it accepts - gold, silver, or copper. If an incorrect coin is deposited, it is immediately returned to the catch tray and no play is made.

Machine Security

The machines that line the walls of the casino are affixed to those walls using Sovereign Glue. It would be necessary to take the entire wall if an attempt to steal a machine was made. The machines on tables and bar in the tavern are also affixed with Sovereign Glue, and in the case of the tables, the tables are attached to the floor.

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