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Stop the Poaching - Group 2, Session 2

General Summary

19th day of the Time of V'nbarrgh's Greataxe, 2171CR

This session picks up immediately where the prior one left off -- in the middle of the tavern brawl. Thornas, the half-elven monk has his back to the wall and is dealing with several combatants that are coming around, and even over, one of the gaming tables to get at him. Zatqualmie, the gnome cleric of Gimna, is tucked against the wall, under the table, and sort of behind Thornas' legs. He has asked Gimna to provide him Sanctuary to avoid any further injury to himself. Aryk, the dwarven fighter, was tripped as he rushed to join Thornas; he is now face-down on the ground in the middle of the tavern, with one or two assailants getting ready to keep him that way. Pickles, the goblin wizard was also rushing to assist before he was accosted by a two toughs towering over him. Tanalith, the elven ranger, is still standing apart from the fray, leaning on the hearth and sipping his wine, while his faithful wolf Eyolf sits at his feet.

It quickly becomes obvious that the local brawlers have had perhaps a few too many ales to be able to tactically handle a fight - the several trying to get at Thornas are doing more harm to themselves than good. Wild swings that miss their mark result in two being so off balance that they fall to the floor at Thornas' feet. But eventually, one of the bigger toughs lands a lucky - but low - blow on the monk. The monk struggled to overcome the waves of nausea and weakness that washed over him, but soon fell to a rain of blows.

Aryk fared better. Leaping back to his feat, he immediately lands a mighty uppercut to the jaw of one of his assailants, laying him out with the one blow. Seeing the difficult that Thornas was in, he ignored the second brawler who wasn't being very effective against him anyway; he started to work his way toward the monk and cleric.

Tanalith, in the meantime, decided that Pickles needed some help. As he strode toward the knot of brawlers starting to encircle the goblin, he glared down a couple of other would-be brawlers that were thinking of joining in the fun. His glare was quite effective; several locals who had risen and started to move toward the action simply skulked back to their seats to finish their ales. Tanalith reached the fray and was able to distract one of the goblin's assailants with a blow to the back of the head. Unfortunately, the brawler's response was to turn and land a tremendous right jab to the elf's throat. His head snapping violently back from the sudden shock of the blow, Tanalith sees stars as a wave of disorientation swept over him. But this offered enough fo an opening for Pickles to scuttle his way out of harm's way - his first thought was to retreat to safety at the foot of the stairs as he decided what to do next.

In the meantime, Gimna's blessings worked well for Zat. The brawlers seemed to ignore him completely - even though he was the original cause of the brawl - as he quickly ministered to the fallen monk. Thornas regained his feet, though still fighting off the effects of the low blow he had received. He managed to land several effective flurries of fists on his assailants. Unconsious bodies began to pile up at his feet, but other assailants kept coming.

Aryk arrived and started peeling brawlers off the back of the group trying to get at the monk. He was quite effective - until one of his targets turned on him and struck him with a full flagon of ale taken from the table before him. The blow was a strong one, and the ale splashing into the dwarf's eyes blinded him. But even though he was unable to see his assailant, he managed to land another uppercut to lay out the mug-wielder. Still unable to see, Aryk called for help: "Oi! a Artillery! I can't see!"

This was all Pickles needed to decide on his next course of action. The goblin called upon his magic and, in two swift leaps, hopped across the length of the tavern to get behind the assailants that were now switching their attention from monk to dwarf. The noncombatants were amazed at the sight of this goblin leaping like a giant bullfrog over the heads of some brawlers to land in position and start swinging his staff to defend his friends.

At this point, fortune began to favor the party. Tanalith managed to dispatch his last assailants despite the searing head pain and disorientation he was suffering. He started to make his way toward Thornas and Zat, but by the time he got there, the monk had dealt with the last of his assailants before doubling over yet again and attempting to shake the effects of the low blow. Aryks eyes cleared, and with him punching from one direction and Pickles swinging his small staff from the other, they managed to lay out the last few brawlers.

At the very end of the fight, even Zat, who still does not fancy himself an "adventurer", but merely an observer, decided to get in on the fighting. He rained a few tepid blows down on the last assailant standing just before Pickles' club finished him off. In retrospect, though, the gnome probably did more damage to his own knuckles than he did to his target.

As quick as the fight started, it was over. All in all, it took no more than perhaps four or five minutes. The session ended with the the party members standing (more or less) over their fallen foes.

Missions/Quests Completed

The party emerged victorious from the brawl, though not without some significant bumps, bruises, and in Tanalith's case, perhaps a concussion.

Character(s) interacted with

The tavern brawl continued with the party engaged with various rowdy tavern regulars.

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