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Stop the Poaching - Group 3, Session 4

from the game session held on 13 May, 2021

General Summary

We join Dhraanggh, Gambit, Tom, and Kleone as they trudge down the last stretch of road leading into the village of Spirit Lake. As they walked, they discussed their strategy options. At first, they decided to look for the landmarks that Elannia had provided to lead them to the glen where Two-twist the Satyr could be found, as this was on their way toward the town. But after more discussion, they decided instead to head straight to town so they could obtain a goodwill gift to offer the Satyr in the hopes of convincing him quickly that they were "the good guys".

Upon reaching town, their first stop was the bakery run by Grisela Bladewell, another contact that Elannia had provided. Grisela was a Dwarven master baker, but she was also one of the Village Elders. She would have information, and the party would be able to pick up some treats with which to entice two more contacts to help them: the Brownies Button and Bow who lived in/near/under the Crying Spirit Resort.

The group explained who they were to Grisela, who wasn't able to give them much more information than they already had. The village was aware of the problem regarding disappearing Fey creatures. The Elders had been approached by the Fey Council and the Elves of the Feywood Forest. They had done whatever limited investigating they could, and found nothing. The village was worried that if the problem wasn't resolved, the Forest would rise up against the village, so any help the party could provide would be greatly appreciated.

After purchasing a basket of cupcakes, and perhaps an extra item or two for Gambit, the group headed toward the Crying Spirit Resort. It was getting late in the day and they needed a place to stay. It might as well be near the Brownies. Speaking with the proprietor of the Resort, Sybyll Jenforth, they were told that they were the only guests at the resort right now - the tourist season hadn't started yet. They obtained a small suite of rooms that would be comfortable for the four of them. After a great meal in the resort's restaurant and a few drinks in the deserted tavern room, they retired for the night. (For what may have been the first time in his life, Dhraanggh slept on a feather-filled mattress. He could get used to this kind of living!)

In the morning, they went out before breakfast to watch the sunrise. Gambit had the basket of treats on her arm, hoping to attract the Brownies. This plan worked - the two Fey couldn't resist after a winter season without treats from the guest children at the resort. The party won over the two Brownies quickly with bribes of fruit-filled cupcakes, and the fey pair agreed that they would play the "'Tective Game" with the big folk. They would look for clues all around the village and report back - in exchange for more cupcakes.

After the group of four consumed a splendid breakfast meant for twelve, and armed with a bottle of brandy purchased from the resort bar, they headed back out of town to seek the Satyr. Elannia's directions were easy to follow and by midmorning, they were in the glen they were looking for. Tom began to play the tune that Elannia had taught him to summon the Satyr, but instead, he attracted the attention of something else. A two-foot-tall creature -- fey? gremlin? -- with a shortsword and an obnoxious attitude appeared at the edge of the clearing about a hundred feet from the group. They began to approach it when the creature displayed the most amazing burst of speed the four had ever seen. Dashing in at Dhraanggh, the creature's blade flashed through the air but Dhraanggh managed to duck it. As fast as they could turn around to follow the creature, it was a hundred feet away again, this time on the opposite side of the glen... a cackling laughter showing its disdain for the adventurers.

The party was unsure what to do. Was this a friend of the Satyr? Would hurting it mean getting no cooperation from the fey? Tom tried to get close enough to use his "lullaby" tune to subdue the creature. but the creature shrugged off most of the effect - and turned its attention to the halfling bard. Another lightning fast dash, a flash of steel, and another dash put the creature across the glen yet again, as Tom stared at the shredded pile of fabric and leather draped around his ankles that, a moment ago, was his trousers and belt. Fed up, he reached into the one of the pouches on the ground, and with a deft movement, withdrew his sling and a bullet, and let fly. The stone flew true, smacking the creature squarely in the forehead. Everyone heard the crack of bone as the creature dropped, never to move again. As they watched, the small creature's body decomposed into a foul-smelling pile of what looked like dung. A shortsword lay atop the pile.

As the party wondered what was happening, the sounds of slow applause came from yet another edge of the glen - provided by three Satyrs that had arrived to see the end of the battle. Two-twist was one of them, here to wonder who it was that was playing "his tune". The party quickly explained themselves and offered the bottle of brandy as a gift. Two-twist took the bottle "to have a quick taste". Returning to where his friends were standing, they opened it, and with one long gulp each, emptied the bottle. The other two then announced they were bored, and headed off. Two-twist returned to the party to talk.

In the discussion, the part learned that the fey had disappeared from this immediate area some time ago. A year ago, perhaps? Satyr's aren't good with time in the sense. But they're disappearing south of the river now too. And this is making the Satyrs' parties boring. Fewer pixies and sprites to join the fun. Two-twist told the group that a friend of his from the other side of the river had seen Human-folk in the forest just the other day. He agreed to bring the party to meet this friend at a Satyr Frolic that night - if they could get a boat to get across the river. The party agreed.

Returning to town in the mid-afternoon, the party had a few hours to kill before it would be time to set off for their second meeting with Two-Twist and the Satyr Frolic he talked abou. Gambit decided she wanted a pretty dress - she was convinced the Satyr was flirting with her. Dhraanggh and the others decided that bringing more "party gifts" would be a good idea, and so a cask of ale and some roasted venison joints would also be purchased.

The session ended as the party finalized their shopping plans.

Rewards Granted

The party obtained the shortsword that had been wielded by the Quickling. It is in excellent condition.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The party has made contact with Grisela Bladewell, announcing their presence in the village as "investigators" on behalf of the Fey Council.
  • The party made contact with Button and Bow the Brownies, and set them to work looking for clues as they "played 'Tective".
  • The party made contact with Two-Twist the Satyr, who will introduce them to another Satyr with immediate knowledge of potential poacher activity.

Character(s) interacted with

Primary interactions with:
Incidental interactions with:
  • Sybyll Jenforth, proprietor of the Crying Spirit Resort
  • various shopkeepers as they continue their shopping

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