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The Rogue Adventurer

You rely on a myriad of abilities and skills to make your way in the world. Of all the adventuring professions, you are probably the closest thing to a jack-of-all-trades that can be found. You have already acquired a variety of skills, and will increase your expertise in these faster than the other adventurers around you who spend all their time focusing on one aspect of their lives. You have learned to compensate for the lack of focused training that others received by using your wits mixed with either your natural agility, charm, or imposing brawn.

You are an opportunist, but you are not impulsive. You will assess situations, look for hidden dangers, and seek openings that let you get maximum effect for minimum risk to yourself.

Types of Rogue

The rogue class encompasses three sub-classes, each with its own set of skill focuses that will determine where you fit into an adventuring party:
Thieves are the iconic rogues - the pickpockets, the burglars, the safecrackers. Thieves rely on dexterity and stealth to get things done. Even in combat, dexterity can trump strength in dealing damage to opponents.
Scoundrels rely on charisma and charm rather than physical skills to achieve results. Skilled in deception, scoundrels can lie their way into places where they wouldn't normally be permitted, and out of sticky situations they may be caught in. Stealth and agility are still important, but they are not your primary weapons (except in combat).
Ruffians rely on muscle - or sometimes simply the threat of muscle - to get things done. Intimidation is the strong suit of ruffians, whether by voicing threats or by simply staring down adversaries with a frightening glare. Though not as well trained in armed combat as warriors might be, ruffians are nevertheless skilled enough with their weapons. Backing up that chilling, intimidating glare with action is not an issue.

Roleplaying the Rogue

Exploring the World
You are probably the one best suited to find hidden traps and dangers, and are probably also the one best suited to disarm or disable these before they bring harm to you or your adventuring party. You are always on the alert for threats, and always making sure you are not in the forefront to receive the brunt of those threats.
Dealing with Other Folk
Your wits are your best weapon even when not in combat. You may have natural charm and the ability to sweet-talk your way through situations. You may be imposing and intimidating, able to coerce people into doing what you want even without lifting a finger. Either way, you excel at obtaining information from others when you need it.

How people react when they first encounter you will depend heavily on which type of rogue you are. If you are a Scoundrel, you may be welcomed into social situations with open arms. Your silver tongue gets you accepted, liked, and even defended by the folks you are manipulating. Once your scheme plays out and you've gotten what you want, some may still think highly of you, though others will finally see you for a deceitful charlatan. If you are a Ruffian, people will likely be intimidated by you from the verry beginning. Whether they are willing to help out of fear, or are hostile from the beginning will depend on situations. The Thief may not even be noticed at all if they are relying on stealth and deception... or they could use secondary abilities to achieve results similar to either Scoundrel or Ruffian as needed.
During Combat
You most likely are not the first one charging into combat. Instead, you look for opportunities to use your sneakiness to deal killing blows to unsuspecting or distracted opponents. Your attacks tend to be precise, and hence just as dangerous as those delivered by the more brutish battlers in your adventuring group.
Between Adventures
You might have a bit of a side business dealing with questionable merchandise or even smuggling. You may pick a few pockets just to keep your skills sharp. You may also be the one with the best contacts when it comes to disposing of adventuring loot and getting the best prices for it.


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