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If there is any indicator that the Village of Spirit Lake provides opportunities for all of the Folk - even goblins - then Trazz and his family are it. Trazz is the third in his family line to own and operate the poulter's shop in the village.

The villagers consider him (and all goblins) as a little bit strange from time to time, and the look of sheer glee that comes over the Trazz' face when he is ripping the feathers out of the chicken or duck that will be somebody's dinner in a few hours can unnerve other folk from time to time. But the villagers accept Trazz and his family as part of their village family. Trazz, in turn, shows his appreciation by being rather lenient with customers that may be a little short of coin from time to time -- something that's been happening a bit more in the past year or so.

Poulter, shop proprietor
Current Location
Date of Birth
14 Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 2148CR
Current Residence
Ruled Locations

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