Just a Simple Shopkeeper

Lookin' fer a shop fer supplies? Head down 'ere to ol' Amaric's place... Duncan's the sign says... 'E's as nice a shopmaster as ye'll find 'ere in the frontier... give ya the shirt off'n 'is own back 'e will.
Really likes ter do good by folk, 'e does.
— Spirit Lake resident directing traveller to Amaric Duncanson's shop.

Amaric Duncanson

He's nothing more than a simple shopkeeper, selling general goods to townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers. Or is he?

The owner of a simple general goods store on the edge of the village of The VIllage of Spirit Lake, Amaric Duncanson is also secretly the head of a major poaching ring that has been the bane of lesser Fey in the Feywood. This ring gathers items such as Sprite Wings, Pixie Dust, and Leprechaun Beards... all items for which people in Endmere will pay dearly.

The officials of Spirit Lake are aware that poachers are basing themselves somewhere in the town, but they have not discovered Duncanson's operation. They would like to, though. The Greater Fey have been in contact with them to voice their displeasure, and after all, Spirit Lake is surrounded by the Feywood.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amaric Duncanson was born in Spirit Lake and has lived there all his life. He has never traveled to another town, and has no intention of ever doing so. He started helping out in his father's store - Duncan's General Goods - as soon as he was old enough to do so. The store, located near the edge of town along the Karnstown Road sells dry goods and supplies to townsfolk, travelers, and adventurers. Amaric took over running the establishment when his father died seven years ago. Since then he has continued to run the store in the same manner as his father - always being lenient with local townsfolk and regulars as long as they don't take advantage. In fact, he hasn't even changed the name of the store or the sign above the shop.

In the meantime, though, he has also been building up contacts with merchants that travel between Spirit Lake and the north coast, and in particular has been cultivating acquaintances with those willing to deal in "exotic goods" - goods that need to be obtained by less than honorable means from the Feywood. The profit potential is high.

With one or two such connections established, he next began recruiting local young adults in need of work. He has organized them into a band of poachers who go into the Feywood to "harvest" rare items. After having taught himself some trapping and snaring techniques, he passes these on to his group. When possible, special live traps imported from the artisans of coasts are also given to the group to let them obtain living "items". The group of poachers is sworn to secrecy, and so far that secrecy has held.

The Fey know there are many poachers operating out of Spirit Lake, and have even communicated their displeasure to the town officials. The town officials have been trying to root out any poachers - not willing to incur the real wrath of the Fey or Elves of the Feywood. Nobody suspects "honest Amaric" the shopkeeper as being the mastermind behind the operation.


Duncanson received the same education as any youth on the Frontier - that is to say...next to none. The local clerics taught him to read and write; he knows the stories of the gods. His father taught him the simple ciphering needed to maintain financial records for the store. The rest of his education is from experience or conversation with customers, travelers, bards, and fellow tavern-goers.

Mental Trauma

It has been said that as a child, Duncanson was lost in the woods for three days when he got separated from his father. There is speculation that his known hatred for the Fey stems from some traumatic event that happened during that time, but he will not discuss it.

Morality & Philosophy

Outwardly, Amaric Duncanson is a personable sort, willing to look the other way if an occasional street waif steals a piece of fruit or a regular customer is a bit short of coin for basic supplies. His personality flaws are focused in his feelings toward the Fey and their Forest. He has no regard for either, and would be perfectly happy if the whole Feywood were clearcut and burned for farmland, since he believes that Humans should govern every square inch of Cartyrion. These beliefs tend to get him in trouble, so he is very careful with whom he shares them.

Personality Characteristics


Amaric Duncanson appears to be motivated by two forces: the desire to be appreciated and liked by his fellow townsfolk, and the desire to never be as close to financial ruin as his father always was. His father was loved by the town because he always looked out for the townsfolk. This often meant financial assistance in the form of disregarded debts to the store, or even outright giving away of store goods. As a result, there was never much money for the family.

When Amaric took over, he knew he would have to at least approach his father's generosity in order to maintain the town's goodwill. But he had no desire to raise his own family at the edge of poverty as he had been raised. And so he sought other sources of income. This, coupled with his hatred for the Fey, led him to the idea of the poaching ring, which so far has been quite lucrative.

Wealth & Financial state

Amaric is quite wealthy, but since most of his wealth is ill-gotten, he hides it. He does make sure his wife and children never want for anything, but he makes sure to keep his spending reasonable for a shopkeeper. The rest is hoarded away somewhere in either his home or his shop.
Date of Birth
04 Time of Taralaza's Scepter, 2107CR
gray, balding
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale, slightly blemished
148 lbs
Related Plots
Known Languages
speaks Common;
also understands Elvish, Dwarvish, and Gnomish
Now remember, ye sorry lot... It 'tweren't fer me ye'd all be wi'out a copper... And ye best never ferget it. The Watch be askin' about poachers? Ye know nothin! It ain't illegal here, but if they give ye ter the blasted Fey, ye'll wish ye were bein' burned and 'anged at the same time instead. So ye keep's yer yaps shut! Got me? Good!
— Amaric Duncanson addressing his clandestine "staff"


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