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Player Handout 3: Something Is Missing!!

You stir awake as you always do. Before opening your eyes, or even moving, you take stock. It was a pretty boisterous night, after all...
I'm on a mattress, and there's a pillow under my head. Good! I can wiggle my fingers and toes... Also good!

One hand slowly reaches up to below your chin...
Beard still there... Good! Good!

The other hand slowly curls toward your side, to the sheath where your clan dagger is secured to your belt. The had slowly closes around... NOTHING!
My Clan Dagger! Where in the earth-bowels is my Clan Dagger?!!

Your eyes instantly open wide as you literally leap from the bed. Turning back to the mattress, you scan it wildly... then you rip the blankets and sheets away, praying your dagger will fall to the ground. It doesn't. You leap on the bed, looking to see if it fell between bed and wall... Nothing! You roll off the bed to the ground, sticking your head under the bed to search the floor... NOTHING!!!

Panic begins to well up. A Dwarf is nothing without his Clan, and he is not with his Clan without his Clan Dagger!!! AND MY CLAN DAGGER IS MISSING!!!

Feel free to bellow something appropriate to awaken the others in the room!

Cover image: The Inn from the Bridge over Daphinia's Stream by RPGDinosaurBob (with Flowscape)


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