Adventures in the Feywood in The World of Cartyrion

  Home of the Fey and the Elves since Father Berdea awakened them many thousands of years ago, the Feywood is one of the Ancient Forests of Cartyrion. Other races were just beginning to make their marks upon the edges of the land when the Great Strife began some twenty-three hundred years ago. During that god war, those races retreated, and it is only now, in the last two hundred years or so, that they are returning.

The Feywood of today is not what it was before the Strife. Its borders were shrunk by the Blight loosed upon the world by the priests of Ghaa'raagh of the Orokar. Regions of its interior have become havens for remnants of the forces loyal to the dark gods. Beasts and twisted abominations created by those gods haunt dark recesses and dismal marshes where beautiful meadows once were.

But time marches on, and in the past two hundred years, the humans from the north have begun to arrive. They seek lands away from the established kingdoms of mankind - far from the arbitrary laws and the consequences of the plots of petty nobles. They seek freedom and independence, and the Feywood seems to offer both. Towns have sprung up - some quite deep into the forest, and trade roads have been established connecting these together, for even those seeking independence cannot willingly cut themselves off from the rest of the world completely.

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